It's Time

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The past few weeks had been great. Killian has been coming over almost every if he didn't have work. He would have dinner with us or take us out. It was great. I loved mostly that he was so great with Gabriella.

Tonight was the night we were going to tell her that he was her dad. I felt it was the time and I wanted them to have that relationship.

"Come on Gabriella it's time to go." I said as I walked out to grab my keys.

"Are we going to see Killian?"

"Yes we are and we have to meet him at the restaurant now are you ready?"


"Good let's go." I grabbed her hand and we walked down to the car. I helped her get into her car seat then got in myself. I pulled out of the drive way and went to the right.

"Mommy can you put the music on"

"Yes I can." I turned the music up and stopped at the red light. I laughed when Gabriella started singing with it.

When the light turned green I went to go. I was almost out of the intersection when I was hit and the car went to the side really fast.

All I heard were the screaming and the cars wheels. Before I knew it I felt the car being leaned on the one side and I heard Gabriella scream before it all went black.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw smoke. I saw that I was upside down and my hands were in the air.

All I could hear was this ringing in my ear.

"Gabriella." I said trying to turn around but my body was trapped.

"SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME." I screamed trying to move but the car was crushed onto me.

"Mommy." I heard a small voice and I started to cry.

"Gabriella baby please tell me your ok?"

No answer. "Gabriella?" I started to move but it hurt to. I was freaking out.

"SOMEONE PLEASE." I screamed and soon I heard people surrounding the car.

"Miss don't worry we're going to get you out." I heard a mans voice trying to make me feel better.

"Get my daughter out first." I screamed grabbing for my seat belt.

"We will try but it's a little difficult. Someone get a stretcher."

My head was spinning and I was going in and out. At one point I just let it take me. I woke up and I was being placed in and ambulance. I looked to the side and saw that Gabriella had all these wires in her. She had a mask on and everything.

"Oh god please tell me she's ok" I tried to sit up but the parametric pushed me down.

"Miss we need to see if your ok."

I saw them working on her. She had little cuts on her face and everywhere. I saw blood on her shirt right by her stomach and I panicked.

"PLEASE GABRIELLA." I grabbed her hand but they pushed me down again. I felt so much pain but that was nothing compared to not knowing what was happening with my child.

When the ambulance stopped we were in the hospital and they pulled me away from Gabriella. I had to pray that she would be ok.

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