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5 years later.

"Mommy look?" My 4 year Old Daughter Gabriella said as she went down the slide. I smiled and took a photo of her.

"Be careful Gabriella?" The mother in me said.

It had been 5 years later and so much had happened. I had moved to A small town in Florida. I got a job working at a photography gallery. The women who owned it was very nice and loved my work. We had talked about maybe one day my work would be put out to the world.

I had Gabriella. I found out not to long after I got here that I was pregnant. I loved her the first time I saw her on that Monitor.

I heard from my grandpa that Carlos And Penelope had gotten married and they had a son. He told me that Thomas stopped with his playboy ways and settled down with a girl. He was going to ask her to marry him soon. Marco was doing just fine with Kyla who he still talked to because of me.

My dad...well he was not talking to me. He was still very upset that I had left him and the boys. But he understood why I had to.

I watched Gabriella as she ran around with a few of the little kids in the park. She really did remind me of Killian. Sometimes the faces she made were just like him. He acts a little like him to.

"So we have to get ready for tonight." I said as we walked back to our apartment.

" ok mommy...what tonight?" I smiled at how cute she sounds.

"Tonight mommy is going to the gallery so that she can look at one of her photos that's on display. We both can walk around and look at some others to."

"Ok" she said as she skipped down the side walk.

When we got into the house we got ready. I got Gabriella ready first then I worked on myself.

Putting my heels on I walked out to the kitchen

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Putting my heels on I walked out to the kitchen.

"Gabriella you ready?"

"Yes mommy." I smiled looking down at her in her cute pick dress.

"Now remember don't go off to far with out me ok." I said to her as we got to the gallery.

"Yes mommy." She ran to look at one of the pictures.

"She's getting so big." My boss and friend Marcy said.

"Yeah it scares me some days." She giggled and gave a drink to me.

"So there's a lot of people looking at your work. I wonder how much it will go for by the end of the night."

"Really? I can't believe that."

"You truly have a talent Aubrey...I believe you will do great things with it." She smiled and walked off leaving me to look at the art.

I took a walk around with Gabriella and soon she went off with out me.

It was towards the end of the night and I still had know idea if my photo was sold. I was scared now that no one liked it enough.

"Audrey" Marcy said as she ran threw a crowd of people.

"Marcy slow down." I realized she was not supposed to be running.

"Y-your photo. I-it was sold for 30000 dollars."

I felt my head spin. "I'm sorry what now?" I think she had the wrong person.

"Yes they also want to see you." Now I definitely think she has the wrong person.

"What?" I asked still shocked from what she said.

"They said that they would find you. I'll leave you to it." She smiled and walked over to the drinks.

What just happened? Did one of my photos really get sold? I still couldn't believe it.

I walked over to where the photo was hanging and saw that it was already gone.

"It was a really great photo." I turned and saw the last person I thought I would see. To be honest someone I wished I would never see.

"Killian?" I asked looking back to him.

My stomach got butterflies when I saw him. He looked older but still the same as the last time I saw him. I instantly went to the last night I had with him and I shook the memory away.

"What are you doing here?" I said so low that I didn't even think he could hear it.

"I was on a business trip and I heard about this gallery. Your grandfather told me that you were going to be in it...I had to see it for myself." He gave me a smile and I swear I felt like a teenager.

"Well you saw. Now leave." I went to walk off and he grabbed my hand pulling me back.

"Audrey wait"

"Mommy" my whole body froze when I heard Gabriella. I turned to see her running to me.

"Mommy?" Killian said in confusion. What I would give for the floor to just swallow me right now.

She smiled up at me and wrapped her arms around my leg. Getting down I picked her up and went to walk of.

"Audrey." Killian shouted making me stop and turn to him.

"Killian there is nothing we have to say to each other. You made yourself clear the last time I saw you. Goodbye Killian."

I walked away taking Gabriella with me.

"Mommy Who was that?" Gabriella asked as I rushed to the back.

"Just an old friend." I grabbed our coats and put hers on for her.

"Where are we going?"

"Home." I said as I zipped her coat. Grabbing. Her hand I pulled her with me out the door.

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