Coming home

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For 5 years I have been away from my family. For 5 years I have been studying in London because that is where my father thought Was safest for me.

Growing up I was the only girl in the family. Besides my mother that is. I have three older brothers, my father and his two brothers, then two older cousins who are both boys.

Needless to say they were all shocked when they had a girl. My family was well known for all the fame we had. My father was a very big business man

I was kept a D'Amore family secret for most of my life. Now at 18 I was finally coming back home. But not for the right reasons.

I walked to the front door of the house I haven't seen in so long. Taking off my sunglasses I sighed with a smile.

I opened the door and walked in. Looking threw the house all my childhood memories came running back to me.

"Welcome Home Fiore" my grandfather said as I walked into my fathers office. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to a hug.

My grandpa was one to fight my dad on letting me stay here when I was 14. He didn't want to lose his fiore. (Flower)

"Hi papa I missed you." I smiled looking at him.

"No boys tried to do anything no?" He questioned giving me a Stern look

"No papa" I rolled my eyes and looked up to my father.

He still looked the same really.

"Audrey. Welcome home." My father still wasn't one for to many words.

"Thanks." I said giving him a weird smile.

"Ay looks who's back." I felt my head get pulled under and my hair get ruffled.

"Marco" I hissed pushing him back. Marco was my only brother that still treated me like I was a guy. He was the closest to my age to so we were close as kids.

"Hey what I'm just showing my baby sister how much I missed her." He held up his hands and smiled.

"Come on why don't we go tell the boys your home. Their all waiting for you in the other room."

"Go. Go spend sometime with your family that you haven't seen in a while." My grandpa said giving the side eye to my father.

I followed Marco through the house to the boys room. It was the room that they would all hang out in. I remember that most times I wasn't allowed in there.

"Look Who wants to come back to the family." Marco screamed as we walked into the room.

I saw my two other brothers and my two cousins all sitting at the new bar getting ready to take a drink.

"Audrey" my cousin Dante said running over to me. He hugged me and smiled.

"Wow didn't think you would get older." I laughed and pulled on his new Beard.

"Never thought you would grow one of these." He chuckled and pushed me to my other cousin Wes.

"We missed you" He said giving me a hug.

I looked at my two brothers Thomas and Carlos.They both looked shocked to see me.

"Well? I'm here. You guys got anything to say?" Thomas chuckled and pulled me into a bare hug with Carlos.

"It's good to have you back little sis." Carlos said pulling back.

"Ok enough with the lovey dovey nonsense. Let's get the girl a drink for coming home." Marco said putting a shot glass in front of everybody.

He pored some whiskey into the glasses and held up his glass which made everyone else do the same.

"To Audrey. For coming back to be with us all."

"Cheers." We all said and downed the drink. I put the cup down and looked to see all the boys looking at me.


"Why does my baby sister know how to take a shot?" Carlos asked giving me a questioning look. I smiled and held the glass up.

"Who do you think I hung out with While I was up there? It definitely wasn't the president of the class."

"I think that it's good. Because now we can take her to clubs with out having to worry about what she can drink and not." Marco said putting his arm around me.

"Not happening. She's not aloud to go to the club" Thomas said getting up.

"What why? You were 17 when you started to go." I said moving closer to him.

"Thomas is right Audrey. Do you know how fast Dad would have our heads if we took you." Carlos always was the one to try and stop everything fun.

"Whatever. Don't call me then if you need a ride home." I walked off and went into the living room.

I saw my grandpa sitting and reading the paper.

"You want to know where she is?" He asked as I walked closer to him.

"She is the reason I'm home..." he put his paper down and looked to me.

"She's in the library. That's where she spends most of her days anymore. She will be very happy that your home."

"Thank you papa." I kissed his cheek as I walked out of the room. I ran down the hallway and stopped at the door that was left open. There was a small light coming through it. I pushed the door open and stepped into our library.

When I was a kid this was where I would hide if my brothers and I played hide and seek. They never could find me.

I walked up to the person sitting with there back to me and placed my hand on their shoulder.

"Oh. Oh my god." My mother said jumping up and hugging me.

"Your home." She cried pulling me as close as she could.

"I'm home." I whispered as a tear fell from my eye. I pulled back and looked at her sunken face that had a bright smile on it.

"Your just as beautiful as I last saw you." I smiled as she wiped the tears from my face.

"How do you feel?"

"Not worse or better. The cancer is gonna have to do a lot more then this."

I looked down at her hands that were in mine.

"I should have came home sooner." I whispered.

"Hey no don't do that. You know that your father was doing what was best for you." She pulled my face up and held it in her hands.

"I'm sorry mamma." I said as the tears fell.

She was so strong and happy even knowing that she was going to die. They didn't know how much longer she had but they had a small hope that she would make it. At least I did.

"It's ok baby." She pulled me to her again and we stayed like that for a while. At one point she had to go up to rest so I went to my room to unpack.

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