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We were all in her room around her. She looked so pail and sick. I wanted to take her pain away from her. She didn't need this.

"How do you feel?" My grandpa asked sitting next to her.

"Fine Just Happy your all here." She smiled looking at all of us.

"Do you want anything?" My Dad asked holding her hand.

"No I'm good with how everything is right now."

She looked to her kids with a smile.

"Carlos you first." Carlos got up and moved closer to her.

She whispered something to him and I saw a tear fill his eye. He nodded his head and hugged her.

Thomas then Marco went. I was the last.

"My dear Audrey. Don't let us keep you here. I know you want to get out. Don't do something you don't like to do just because your father wants you to. Be free. Do something with all the photos you take." She looked up to Thomas who pulled in a Machine.

I sat up to see it was a laptop attached to an old time projector.

"I found some good photos from the family in your books. Did I tell you I went through your books." Marco said to me. I should be mad but I wasn't.

"By the way you need to get a better hiding place."

"Marco the lights before I get old." My grandpa said making me laugh.

The lights went off and in front of my mom went a slide show of all our family photos. Some were of ones I took and some were ones that my mom had from when we all were young.

We all laughed and cried. It was what we all needed.

When it was over we turned the lights on looking back to Mom.

"I loved that.  Audrey your photos were great."

"They were." My father said looking to me with a smile.

"Sorry everyone it's time to leave. Only one can stay." A nurse said.

"Alright hugs kisses." My Mom said and we all did. My father said that he was going to stay the night with her.

My grandpa and brothers and I went home. It was a great night. We had time to talk to my was the last night we ever saw her...she died at 12:30 in her sleep. The doctors said she felt nothing and went peacefully.

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