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There was a knock on the door and I looked to see Killian. I smiled and told him to come in.

He looked really happy. Running to me He got down in front of me.

"I just got the best offer of my life." I smiled looking down at how happy he was.

"I got an offer to be apart of this company In San Diego."

"Oh my god Killian that's great." I kissing him holding his face in my hands . He pulled me up making me squeal and hold onto him.

"It is...And I want you to come with me. We would have to leave tonight." The smile left my face.


"Yeah. Tonight." I looked down at my mom. I thought about how everything would be with him. One my family doesn't know about us and two I have school. I couldn't leave now with how my mother is.

"I can't." His smile left his face as well.

"I can't leave my mom... my family. I've been away from them for so long that I don't think I could do it again just yet. They need me now."

He nodded his head and stepped back from me.

"It doesn't mean that I wouldn't though. Killian I would go anywhere with you." I went to grab for him but he stepped away.

"Maybe it's for the best. Your just a kid still. You have so much ahead of you and who am I to take you from that." He smiled looking down at his shoes.

"Killian please." My voice sounded so weak.

"I don't know why I came back. I wanted to do this with you but maybe I was wrong. We're not right for each other."

I felt my heart break when he said that to me.

"I won't bother you again. Goodbye Audrey." He stepped back and walked out the door. When I saw him leave my heart died and  I felt everything brake in me.

"Audrey" I turned to my mom and saw that she was awake.

"Mom. Please don't make me explain yet." She Open her arms up for me.

"Ok." I cried and fell to her arms. She held me as I cried to her.

I never thought that I would see him leave me again and break me once more.

I should have known better then to listen to my heart. When I did it broke into 100 pieces.

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