05. 24/7

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Y/n P.O.V

Someone sat next to me and said, "That guy.. is Kim Taehyung or nickname V"

I looked up at Hoseok, he smiled gently to me and said, "He's very close to Jungkook... They are like real brothers to each other, please understand and forgive him... He is acting this way, because he couldn't accept it."

I gasped and close my eyes as tears flow again.

Hoseok came closer to me and hugged me, "We are all very close as though as we're real brothers. But this is not your fault that he died. It's his job to protect victims and besides he protected his love till the very end."

He patted my head and said, "Now, we need to take over Jungkook and protect you for him."

I looked up to him with confusion spread across my face.

He sigh before saying, "You're  in danger, since you have involved yourself with this accident."

I gasped once again.

When will this ever end?

The boys was once again around me and Namjoon speak up, " I apologize on behalf of Taehyung's behavior, please understand our feelings over the loss of our Golden Maknae..."

I looked up and nodded slightly, "I'm sorry.."

I heard Taehyung scoffing.

It hurts but I will bear with it, Namjoon spoke up again, "We're Bangtan bodyguard, that's our team name. We work as an undercover bodyguard. We will protect you 24/7, and there will be one of us that will always have to be by your side 24/7 physically."

I frown slightly, "And who will that be...?"

Jimin sigh and said,

"Taehyung will be the one to be by your side 24/7."

Taehyung...By my side 24/7?

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