11. Till We Meet Again

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Y/n P.O.V

I'm in the middle of the field with the wind blowing pass hitting my face.

It's so wide yet lonely. I'm alone in this field but suddenly it turns dark, then images of my parents being killed went past me as though as a running train has hit me.

I promise... I promise... I promise...

Jungkook voice echoed through the whole field. I turned around searching for the boy.

"Jeon Jungkook!!!!!!" I screamed

When I turn around, I saw my mum and dad in front of me. They were smiling so happily with their hands together. Tears welled up in my eyes as I see them looking so peaceful but suddenly my mum starts to fade away to the sky followed by dad.

"Mum!! NO!! Don't go!! I swear to be better so please don't-? Dad!!! No...not you as well!! " I said with tears flowing profusely.

Then I saw Jungkook appearing in front of me, "You've got to stop crying baby girl, I promise that I will watch over you but till then Y/n, Till We Meet Again ..."

Then slowly he start to fade as well...

"Jungkook... please... you've promised so please you can't break the promise!!" I kneeled down with face covering my face.


It was until I heard,
"I'm sorry... I'm really really sorry Y/n..."


And with that I gasped breathing every air around me as I opened my eyes.

"Y/n!!! You're awake!!!" Taehyung stood up from his seat and scanned my face.

I stare at him with my eyes widened. It's the first time our interaction got closer. Tears are still flowing.

He looked at me and hugged me, "I'm sorry... I'm really am sorry.."

I hugged him back... all I need is a hug. Suddenly, all of BTS appeared in my room.

Hoseok squeal, "Group Hug!!!!!" and he pulled everyone in for a hug including Yoongi who was sulking because Jin woke him up.

After some time, they all left leaving me with Taehyung. Although Jimin argues to stay only to get a smack from Hoseok.

Taehyung took my hand and I flinched from the sudden skin contact.

"I'll protect you Y/n!! I pro-"

I quickly shushed his mouth and said, "Don't promise anything please... I-I hate Promises..."

Taehyung nodded in agreement and said, "Then I will protect you forever for eternity with my life."

He smiled showing me his boxy-rectangular smile.

I gasped.

His smile is beautiful. He is beautiful.

His words lingers in my head, Then I will protect you forever for eternity with my life.

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