01. Mother

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Y/n P.O.V

I have a beautiful life with a set of wonderful parents, well... At least that's what I thought.

My father was once an almost perfect father, until...

That day, where the nightmares starts to unfold.

My father got addicted to gambling and his debt is piling up. Yet, he still gambles like his life was on it.

Everyday without fail, he goes to the casino to gamble. There, he met with a lot of Mafia and Gangsters. In which one that my father has owe him the most asked my father to be a spy for him to clear off his debt.

My father knew he wouldn't be able to clear his debt, hence he agreed to it despite knowing that this job will cost his life.

Every night, he came back home with injuries and drunk. He became abusive and he will hit my mother countless time.

My heart aches, I felt angry at myself! Why I couldn't step up in front of him? My mother is suffering yet all I could do is helplessly hide away. I broke down in tears and questioned,


That night, it was unusually cold. The sky is dark with no sign of stars, it was scary. That wide dark sky with nothing at all. I was in my room when suddenly I heard shouting and gunshots.

I froze. What is going on?

" Come out you f*cking spy!! "

Shit! My father identity have been exposed.

I heard my mother screaming followed by a gun shot.

My heart stopped beating, it hurts every time I breathe.

I walked out of the room and down the living room, I saw my mother laying there on the cold concrete floor.

I was about to walk to her when I saw her shaking her head...

She mouthed,
No.. Go back to your room... you will be safe there. I love you my daughter. And I'm sorry.

She hugged the leg of the guy, when he was about to turn to my direction.

The guy brutally stepped onto the wound of my mother and shot her again on her head.

This time, her body went limp. And her last breath can be seen through the air. It was cold. My eyes blurred with tears and I held my breathe as tears threatened to fall.


I move back slowly, until someone's hand covered my mouth.


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