13. Long time no see

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-After 2 years-

It's been 2 years, Taehyung and I are still together. It came as a surprise to the members and Jimin acted heart break.

Though I know deep inside him, he is really heartbroken. He often joke and said to Taehyung, "If you ever let her go, I will be the one to collect her. And I won't ever let her slipped away again..."

Taehyung is always by my side legit 24/7. We've been sharing room but nope we are not doing anything except hugs and kisses. Taehyung always cuddle me to sleep and it is very comfortable and sweet.

But to be honest it's quite Suffocating sometimes..*Laughs*

Today, BTS is coming to stay over again. They have come to visit every month and I was hoping to prepare a feast since Hoseok and Yoongi have successfully completed their recent mission. I was heading to the supermarket, and Taehyung offered to follow me but I assured him that it's just nearby and I will be alright.

As I was heading out, I was soon covered in darkness as someone knocked me down.

When I open my eyes, I'm being tied down on a chair.

"Long time no see HoneyBun..."

Taehyung P.O.V

It's been almost 3 hours now that Y/n is gone. I searched everywhere for her but I couldn't find her.

Guilty soon engulfed me,if only I have listened to myself and have been stubborn enough to insist that I follow Y/n.

I asked the boys to traced down her phone, but they kept saying that she's at home.

I'm pretty sure she took her phone before she left.


I quickly rushed into the house and look at the CCTV that have been placed at home just in case something happens.

No matter how much I hope I'm wrong, unfortunately I'm right about the abduction.

They kidnapped her right outside our doorstep, how can I be so clueless. I slam my fist in the table in anger before I call and tell the boys about the kidnapped and the car plate number that was capture in the CCTV.

The boys managed to track it down and gave me the address of the abductors. I rushed to the car and drive off with full speed.

There's nothing on my mind right now except to save Y/n. That's the only thing that lingers around.

Anger and worry rise within me,

Please Y/n.. Stay alive!! Wait for me, I will be there for you soon.

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