17. Discharged

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Y/n P.O.V

Taehyung and the rest of BTS members went to fetch me when I've got discharged.

Trust me, they treat me like a queen.

When I was going down the stairs they would ask me, "Are you okay?! Do you need help?! Do you feel alright?!" Before I could even reply them, Hoseok or Taehyung will fight to carry me by bridal style.

When we're at home when I'm drinking water, they would come and ask, "Y/n, do you need help?! Don't choke?! Is the water running down your throat smoothly?!"

That was when I really choke, I coughed hard as water spilled out of my mouth. It was ridiculous, how do water not go down your throat smoothly. I smacked Jimin's forehead and said, "You pabo!! How many times do I have to tell you guys that I'm alright?! If I'm sick then you guys will be the reason..."

Jimin pouted sadly and said, "We're just worried alright?! I can't have you going down again. You're important to me, to us..." Guilty struck me as I just chuckled off and ruffled his hair, "I know chim chim, I'm sorry oppa, but I'm alright now so don't worry and please tell the rest to stop treating me like a princess or queen. I might get used to the treatment if you guys don't stop."

He nodded and showed me his eye smile.

I lay in the couch and look around our house.

I was finally home! After years of trapping in that Hospital. Jokes!! Not years but seems like years..

Taehyung suddenly sneaked out from behind and carried me bridal style to our room. We heard Jin shouting, "Use Condom!!!"

Taehyung smile at me sheepishly but only to received a glare from me.

"We're not doing that any time sooner Tae..." I said to him.

His face seems to fall from disappointment. But soon he lighted up again and said, "Whenever you're ready my love..."

See? This is the reason why I love him, he respects me and my decisions.

I smiled and hug him tightly squishing him. He laughed and put his face on the crook of my neck, kissing them slightly.

It was dinner time and Hoseok is the one that was in charge of cooking.

I'm a bit worried to be honest, what if I'm actually fated to die from food poisoning instead of all those events that made me almost die?

I taste the weird looking greenish soup that Hoseok had made, hoping that it would taste nice but spat it out almost immediately after consuming it. I glared at Hoseok which he immediately put up two hands, "Calm down, Calm down, my daughter..."

I sigh.. Looks like I'm gonna be in charge of cooking today.

I was cooking as Seokjin came into the kitchen and ask, "Hey little sister, need some help?!"

"I would appreciate that a lot Jin oppa!" I smiled at him.

He smile back and said, "I'm glad you're alright Y/n, while you're unconscious Taehyung couldn't rest at all... He kept saying that he haven't done anything for you yet..."

I smiled.

"Glad that we've got a sister like you Y/n" Jin said as he place a kiss on my forehead before leaving the kitchen.

Taehyung saw the kiss and started interrogate Jin.

I laughed at the scene, even though I've lost my parents but yet I've received a set of loving brothers ever.

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