04. Hatred

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Y/n P.O.V

It was my parent's and Jungkook's funeral.

There was only a few relative that came to the wake. Mostly from my mother side. They all look at me and gently hugged, "I'm sorry for your loss hun... I'm really sorry..."

I cried while nodding.

After my parents funeral, I ran down the hall, down the alley, hoping to see Jungkook once more before he is really gone.

When I reached the hall, all the eyes were on me, some started to whisper while some gasped. I walked to his coffin and there he lay on it looking so peacefully.

I touched his face and whispered, " I'm sorry Jungkook ahh, I'm sorry and I shamelessly thank you for saving me. Please Rest In Peace my bunny boy..." His face is so cold and stiff as though as if he was an Ice block. I was choked with tears.

A guy came to me and said softly, "I assumed you're Y/n? Seeing that you're wearing a black hanbok as well... you must have just finished your parents funeral."

I looked up at him and he gave me a warm slight smile, there's still tears in his eyes.

He hold onto me tightly and I felt guilt rushing towards me as I said, "I'm sorry.. it's all my fault!"

But he shook his head while patting my back, " There's nothing to apologize, it's his job. And I'm pretty sure he is happy as well, as he died protecting the girl he love."

I cried harder.

After the wake ended. I am still sitting there, thinking of how is it possible for just one night... I can lose people I love and care.

A group of boys came to me, and they all have a sullen look on their face, especially one who have caught my attention.

He looked up at me.

I froze at his stare, his stare was full of hatred towards me.

The boys introduces themselves to me,

"I'm Kim Namjoon, or nickname Rap Monster" the tall one said.

"I'm Kim Seokjin or nickname Jin." The very handsome one.

"I'm Min Yoongi, or Suga," the second shortest out of them said.

"I'm Jung Hoseok or nickname, JHope," the one that look the least sullen said. He mus have been trying to bring up the mood despite being as sad as the rest.

"Well, I'm Park Jimin," the one who approached me said while smiling slightly at me.

The last person...

I hold my breath.

"You shouldn't have came... WHY DID YOU HAVE TO COME? YOU ARE THE ONE THA-" he shouted at me before earning a slap at the back of his head by Yoongi.

"STOP IT BASTARD!! You're not the only one who is upset. So stop this childish act before I kick you out." Yoongi said to him.

My tears is falling, I don't wanna cry in front of them. I don't like this feeling. I have indirectly killed their friend, of course they would hate me.

Before they start talking to me again, I left the hall running away.

I ran and ran, till my legs brought me to a fountain.

I cry out my heart there, it hurts it really hurts.

He hated me... His eyes was full of hatred toward me.

Hatred was all I could think about.

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