02. Promise

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Y/n P.O.V


A guy voice was heard behind me. He put his hand over my mouth to prevent me from shouting.

I turned a little and caught a glimpse of that 'guy'.

I gasped.


Jungkook is the material guy living next door. He is hardly seen at home and whenever he left for work, he is wearing a suit. He is a mysterious guy and a hot one.

He removed his hand with a finger over is lip to signal for me to stay quiet.

"H-how did you get in here?" I whispered.

"I've got my ways and don't worry, I'm a professional undercover bodyguard. I will protect you." Jungkook said with a slight smile.

He hold me close to him and I hugged him tightly. I cried in his arm while he patted my head, he softly whispered to my ears, "I'm sorry..."

Jungkook planned to bring me out to safety by going through the back door. I followed his closely and silently.

It was nerve wrecking. Suddenly right before we can escape, they spotted us.

"I found the daughter!!" One guy said as they start chasing us down.

We ran into a dark alley where I gasped as I saw my father lying down there with his head almost off his body.

He was killed so brutally. He is the one that caused all this and I hated him. But why do I still feel so pain when I saw him in this state.

The answer is simple and easy, because he is my father... my once almost perfect father.

Jungkook hugged me and said, " Hey, we have to move on alright? Sorry hun..."

I nodded.

We ran again and we're about to reach the main road when gunshots were heard again.

One of it shot Jungkook down the leg, he let out a grunt of pain. He started limping, he shakes his head and said to me, "I'm gonna get the both of us killed at this rate we're going."

"W-what do you mean?" I said fearing of what he might say next.

He nodded and said, " I need you to run away by yourself alright?"

I shake my head in disagreement, "No!! I'm not gonna leave you alone!! Please..."

"Y/n!! Please!! I'm gonna be alright!! I promise!!" Jungkook said to me.

I stare at him until I heard shouting again, " They should be around here!!"

Jungkook hugged me tightly and kissed the crown of my head saying, "I Promise..." before letting me go.

I stood up and ran, I turn one last time to take a look at Jungkook. He was already surrounded by lots of people and I can hear him screaming in pain while fighting.

With tears I said, "Please keep your promise, Jungkook"

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