06. Don't come near me.

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-8 Days after funeral-

Y/n P.O.V

I am currently in the dorm of Bangtan or BTS in short.

It won't be long before I move to another place to live with Taehyung. We're practically couples... with no love yet hatred.

I walked into Jungkook's room, I glanced around his room. His smell still lingers around here, the smell that calmed and saved me that day.

I looked at his things, there's lots of scribbled information and one that caught my eyes is my name and Birthday.

I clutched my fist and I breathe in and out to prevent myself from crying again.


Y/n P.O.V

We were all called out and gathered around the dinning table.

It was quiet, until Hoseok broke it.

"Let's eat shall we?! Y/n eat up!! You haven't been eating the last few days."

I widened my eyes, how did he know?

Hoseok must have saw the confusion on my face, "Remember when we say that we will protect you 24/7?" He chuckled.

"O-ohhh.." I nodded.

After dinner, I offered to wash the dish with Seokjin. He smiled and thanks me, "It's nice to gain a new sister... After losing a brother..."

He looked at me and smile gently, "Anytime you need us honey, we will be there for you..."

I nodded my head, I bit my lips to prevent me from asking questions. Yet I still can't hold back, I need answers.

"Seokjin oppa..." I said cautiously.

Jin seems to be startled, and said," Y-Yes? Haha it's nice to hear you calling me oppa." He scratched the nape of his neck.

"H-How did Jungkook knew that I was in danger?" I asked.

He stopped and looked at me,

"Well, he received a mission to watch and catch the biggest mafia. He was always following them, until that night he found out that you and your family is the victim that the Mafia was about to kill. He knew he wouldn't make it, but he still risk to protect you."

He knew he couldn't make it yet he promise. Such an Idiot.

I nodded. A soft whimper was coming out from me as I was crying silently.

Seokjin looked at me and said, "You've gotta stop crying, Jungkook wouldn't like it and might haunt us down if he knew we're making his girl cry."

I nodded and continued with the washing.

After I was done, I was walking towards Jungkook's room when I heard Namjoon voice coming from the room next to it.

"You gotta stop acting like this! Do you think Jungkook liked it? It was his f*cking job, he got no choice or rather he made that choice himself, Kim Taehyung!! You would do the same if it was you!"

"Well... At least he could have listened to me when I asked him not to go to that stupid girl!!"

My breath hitched, it's me right? That stupid girl?

"How many times do you wanna me to repeat?! It's his f*cking freaking JOB!! Once you were set on a mission you can't turn back. You have to finish the mission till you succeed. Don't you know the rules?" Namjoon said almost yelling at Taehyung already.

"I know and understand the rules hyung, but he could make a choice to just wait outside that girl's house for the mafia to come out. He didn't have to make it to the extend to go in and save her!" Taehyung said bluntly.

"When you received a mission, not only do you need to complete it but as well as protecting those around you, that's why you are trained to be a undercover bodyguard. Besides Jungkook love Y/n, it's not like you do no know. And for the final warning Kim Taehyung, if you keep doing this imma kick you out of the team sooner or later. Now, get out of my face!!!"

Taehyung left the room angrily and slammed the door only to meet your eyes.

He stare at you and left but you being worried and guilty called out to him and held his arm.

He pushed your hands away roughly and snapped,

" Don't!! Don't come near me..."

And with that he walked away, leaving you pathetically alone.

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