15. After a long time

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Taehyung P.O.V

I was pushed aside before I can react. I saw Y/n fell on the floor as the bullet hit her, blood was gushing out of her with no mercy.

Yoongi shoot down the mafia boss with no emotion on his face.

I crawled to Y/n as I held onto her body tightly. It was full of scars and wounds. I heard my heart breaking as each second goes by.

"Why?! Why?! You idiot?! Why save me when I did nothing for you? There's still so many things I wanna do with you, so not now please baby... please not now..." I cried out loud as I hold her body close to me.

Her body is still warm, but it's is lifeless. I need her hug, I need her.

We were rushed to the hospital, and as Y/n was pushed into the A&E I held onto the doctor hands and said, "Please save her doc.. please..."

The doctor sigh and say, "I will try my best but please prepare yourself for anything that might happen to her since she have lost way too much blood."

I fell onto the floor. Yoongi hyung kneeled beside me and pat my back, "Trust the doc Tae... Y/n gonna be alright! She's a strong girl."

I nodded my head and say, "I hope so hyung, I hope so..."

Y/n P.O.V

It's was that field again.
But this time it's different, it's not as lonely anymore. There's flowers and butterflies around it. I feel free.

Suddenly a light came glowing my way, I squint my eyes trying to see what is the figure that was approaching me.

I widened my eyes as I saw him.

Jeon Jungkook...

He looked at me and showed me his bunny tooth then he said, "It's been After a long time, Y/n"

"Indeed it's been After a long time, Jungkook."

He walked in front of me and I silently walked behind his back, it was very calming and I like it a lot. As we walked, I didn't even noticed that we've reached a door. Jungkook is going in with no intention to stop.

"Jungkook?! Jungkook!!" I shouted his name. But he did not turned back, it was as though as if he couldn't hear me.

I stopped my track and shouted once more, "Jeon Jungkook!!!!"

This time he turned and while sighing he said, "Y/n, when I say till we meet again... I didn't mean it to be this fast."


"Mum!! NO!! Don't go!! I swear to be better so please don't-? Dad!!! No...not you as well!! " with tears I said

Then I saw Jungkook appearing in front of me, "You've got to stop crying baby girl.. I promise I will watch over you but till then Y/n, Till We Meet Again ..."

Then slowly he start to fade as well...

-End of Flashback-

"What do you mean?!" I shouted.

"You don't belong here... Go back.. Go back to Bangtan, go back to Taehyung...It's not your time yet." Jungkook says before disappearing into the light.

With that, a sudden light engulfed me.

Author P.O.V

*beep* beep* beep*

The nurses were busy,
"Doc, we're losing the patient!!"

The doctor cursed under his breath and said, "1,2,3 Clear!"
He did that again and again.


Taehyung P.O.V

It's been freaking 4 hours already and Y/n is not out yet. Suddenly, I saw nurses running out with nervous look on their face.

This is not good...

I kneeled down and prayed, "Jungkook ahhh... If you're there in heaven please... please don't take Y/n away from me... I begged you.. I admit I was all jerk with her in the beginning, but then I fell for her. I haven't even done anything for her, so please don't take her away from me. Please..."

Author P.O.V
"1,2,3, Clear!"
"1,2,3, Clear!"

The doc tried again and again. Just as he was about to give up and announced the time of death.

Y/n heartbeat came back.

Yes, she is back.

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