16. My one and only idiot

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Taehyung P.O.V

It's been few weeks now, that Y/n have miracally survived well... at least that's what the doctor have told me.

I cleaned her hands with a damp towel and look at her face, she look so peacefully sleeping leaving her boyfriend so worried about her.

Gosh... what to do with this girl.

I complained as I clean her hand, "You must have not love me enough right?! You're cheating on me with Jungkook isn't? Selfish girl, leaving me here all alone and finding Jungkook. That bastard! When I see him, I'm gonna kick his ass off him. How dare he steal my girl-"

Y/n hands clenched tightly on mine which make me widened my eyes. I looked at her and see her staring at me, i can't believe my eyes...

My baby is back!!

I hugged her tightly and kissed her lips. I missed her so much!!

Y/n P.O.V

I gasped as though as if I was just saved from drowning. My throat hurts as if it's on fire.

I felt someone held my hands as it gently wipe a damp cloth on my hands. I heard a sigh.


He complained so much to me with lots of sigh in between. I can't take his complain anymore as I hold onto his hand tightly.

He widened his eyes and stare at me. He then hugged and kissed me as though as I'm gone for years after realizing I'm conscious.

I laughed as he hugged me so tightly that it tickles. My wound have healed though it still hurts a little.

I have slept too long, far too long.

I stare at Taehyung and said, "You idiot! Who said I was cheating on you? I didn't look for Jungkook alright? He's the one that looked for me..."

Taehyung widened his eyes, "I knew it!! Despite me begging him he still wants to steal his hyung girlfriend!!"

I chuckled and flicked his head. "Idiot!! He is the one that asked me to go back to you. So you should thanks him idiot!!"

He open his mouth and close them back again.

"Aren't you gonna give me a proper kiss since you've woke up? Do you know how worried and how much I have miss you? Do you-" Taehyung complained again before he was cut off by my kiss.

It was magical, the way his lips connected with mine. His mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips softer than I could have imagined and I opened my mouth with a low moan.

As we kiss, the world seems to fall away.

This idiot who I miss, this idiot who I love... Belongs to me, my one and only idiot.💗

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