19. Blessed

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-5 Years later-

"KIM TAEHYUNG I SWEAR!!!!! NO MORE!!!!" I screamed as I was pushing.

Yes, I'm delivering our first child. A Son.

Taehyung was at my side supporting me, then he pouted, "What? No more? I want 5 kids remember?"

I pulled his hair out of frustration and he went screaming with me, "ow ow ow"

Finally, the moment is over as we heard our son's first cry. Taehyung widened his eyes with his hair looking like bird nest, he holds on to our baby and tap his nose gently.

"Hey little guy... you have your mum's tears eh? Your mum cries a lot." Taehyung teased.

I smacked his arm as he passed our son to me.

"Kim Jungkook. You're such a naughty boy aren't you? Making me pull your dada hair?" I said and chuckle as I saw Taehyung rubbing his scalp.

Tears welled up as I see our son. He is so small and he have a soft and fair skin with big round eyes.

Our son's name, Kim Jungkook.

After the name of my savior and best brother of Taehyung.

I can imagine Jungkook whining and complaining over us choosing the same name as his for our son.

Jimin squeal as he saw little Jungkook. He jumped up and down and then he suddenly went emotional.

Namjoon smacked Jimin's head and said, "You're acting as though as you're the one that have given birth to him."

Jimin stop and gave him a glare.

We all laughed at this scene.

I looked at them and then down at my baby and said to him, "I'm blessed with these 7 dorks, and you're a lucky one with these 7 by your side."

Why 7? Because I can clearly see Jungkook smiling and laughing with them.

With Taehyung and the rest of them by my side, I'm definitely
Safe & Secure.✨

I would wish for nothing else any more, any less.

-The End-

With lots of thanks and love,

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