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"Y/N! When can I meet my niece?!" Perrie asked nearly jumping up and down for joy

"In a second, Perrie!" You hollered, careful to wake Juniper- your daughter

"Here, Perrie." You said, handing the blonde older girl your child

"I can't believe my baby sister had her baby before me." She shook her head

"Not my fault you're famous..."


"Where is she? Where?!" Jesy asked, jumping up and down

"Jesus, Jes! Stop it, sh's right here," I said, holding my daughter up to her face



"Who's the dad?" Jade asked, disapprovingly

"Jade!" Your mother screeched

"It's obviously Kent," I said, rolling my eyes

She "hmped"

"I don't approve of this, Y/N. You're 19." She shook her head.

"Guess what Jade? I don't really care!"


"She's adorable, Y/N. You made a beautiful daughter." Leigh said, hugging the infant

"Thanks, Leigh." I smiled appreciatively. Your parents aren't approving of the baby.

"Your welcome, I'll always be here, Y/N." She said smiling

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