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A/N- omg hey guys long time no...write??? should I, like, make a bands imagine book? Like I have my 1D imagines book (WHICH THEY ALL SUCK SO IDK WHY I HAVENT DELETED IT YET TBH) but the bands (like miw, ptv, etc) from my tumblr and just put them in a book...on wattpad...idk guys. any recs for ... Anything? Love ya all...

My lungs were bellowing the lyrics to Can You Feel My Heart by Bring Me The Horizon and blared the real song near me. Jesy, my eldest sister, walked in laughing.

"Are you alright, Y/N?" Jesy asked, laughing.

"Of course!" I said cheerfully, before screaming, "can you save my bastard soul," which was one of the lyrics.

"Um...I'm not sure..." Jesy smiled, before reaching for my iHome and turning the screamo music down.

"Chill." She laughed. "Let's go eat some burgers or something ."


"WE SCREAM, WE SHOUT, WE ARE THE FALLEN ANGELS!!" I screamed perfectly in tune with my dearest love, Andy's beautiful singing/screaming voice.

"Damn, girl, you sing like a dreaming anel and he's your demon!" Jade almost swooned, which kind of made me uncomfortable.

"He's extremely attractive." I pointed out.

"True.i bet. He sounds HOT. Restart it, I wanna do a duet with my fave sis!" Jade pinched my cheeks before we sang along to Andy Biersack's voice in Fallen Angels.


"Hey Pez, have you seen.." I trailed off seeing Zaym and Perrie dancing and singing.

"Okay, Perrie." Zayn began. "Now watch me whip-"

"Oh my god!" I screamed before running back upstairs.


"Will you help me, Leigh?" I asked my sister shyly.

"Of course baby. What do you need?" Leigh asked me, sitting up, curious.

"I can't seem to memorize my singing lines. Can you help me?" I begged.

"Of course! I deal with this constantly. Here, let's sing together," she smiled and we recited he lyrics, together. As a team.

"We sound great together!" I gushed.

"Mhm.." She smirked. "I think I found the new member of Little Mix." She giggled, making me reciprocate.

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