Bra Shopping (Leigh-Anne &Perrie)

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First one, tell me what you think, feel free to read my One Direction pref book :) requests and personals open :)!

Leigh-Anne (10):

"You're growing and becoming a woman, Y/N, you need a bra. You may he young but you need one!" Leigh whined
"No! I don't want one!" You begged
"Come on." She said, physically dragging you into the store
There were tons of prints, laced, a few with leather, silk everything
"Here," she handed you a sports bra and you tried it on
"See? It wasn't that bad," she said
"Yeah, yeah whatever"

Perrie (12):
"Y/N if you don't do this with me I'll make you do it with Zayn." She threatens
You quickly shaped up and walked briskly into the store
"Here" she slapped a few bras towards you
"Perrie you're wearing this one." You whined snapping her strap
She blushed
"Whatever just try them on" she said
You ended up buying the same bra as your sister (talk about weird)

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