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"Y/N! Get your tushy over here, it's bedtime!!" Perrie hollered

"Noooo! Perrie, please!" I begged

"No, Y/N. It's bedtime." She said sternly and I went to bed.


I've been watching YouTube videos all day and it's been getting late. I think Jade just assumed I went to bed. After all, I'm a teenager. Aren't I supposed to be tired or something?

"Y/N? Is that you? Are you still awake?" I heard Jade ask outside my door.

I quickly shut my laptop and snuggled under the covers.

"Oh god Jade. You must be imagining things." I heard Jade mumble to herself.


"Y/N, goodnight." Jesy said

"'Night, Jes." I said

"Don't stay up too late."

"Alright," I said, exasperated in my over protective sisters behavior.


"Y/N! It's getting late!" I heard Leigh call

"Yeah? So?"

"It's time for bed, silly!"

"Ugh, fine." I mumbled and turned off the light.

In all reality, I didn't go to sleep.

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