She Spys on You While You're On A Date

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the sun was shining, the air was warm. it was summer. the leaves still attached to their trees, and the alarms not set. at least, they were set for the killer 5:30 am you pull every morning. the birds chirp, waking everyone- including you- up.

today was your date.

jumping out of bed, you knew you had to start early. hair would take two hours. wardrobe at least one. showering...forever. and everything needed to be perfect. everything.

soon everything was ready. your hair perfectly done and shining like water. your scent was fruity yet subtle yet mysterious. the outfit you chose would make him flustered. a white crop top with a beautiful red polka-dot cardigan and a black skirt that only showed half and inch of skin. the heels were the perfect length for your walking abilities.

and your date. vic. he was amazing. his hair was flippy and longish...but not the dirty gross kind. it was a beautiful light blonde and his eyes were crystal blue that lit up when he laughed. he was a gorgeous height, standing 6'2 to your 5'9.

but, you could tell perrie didn't approve.

"i'm going, perrie! vic is here!" you shouted, and she shook her head.

"have fun. be safe. don't get pregnant." perrie muttered.


and you were off.

the restaurant vic had chosen was a lovely Italian place. it was all jazzed with with gold decor and beautiful exotic pieces. even the dishes sounded fantastic.

dinner was lovely, to say the least. and, you were full. but, you saw something.

"hey, who is that?" you asked vic, pointing to were you saw something sparkly,which turned out to be perrie's vest.

"perrie? i can't believe you followed me here!" you screamed

"wait! y/N!"

"no perrie! i can never trust you again!"

maybe you were overreacting, but you didn't care. all you wanted was to get away from perrie.

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