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a/n you can choose your age! some ages may work better than others. I'm in a bus for two hours for a class trip so what Better than update? :) also, I'm getting a cover from this lovely girl whom messaged me and I'm soooo excited! When I get it I'll surely update this with a brand new pref (yay!) and credit to this lovely girl!!:)


"would you sit down for gods sake, Y/N?" she angrily yelled, gripping the steering wheel.

"Sorry...." I mumbled, sinking down in my seat, trying to hide from the wrath of the future Mrs. Malik.

"I'm sorry, it's just this is very stressful, Y/N. These roads are very twisty." Petrie explained.


"Okay, so, we need water bottles, got 'em, Y/N?" Leigh asked, worrying as usual.

I chuckled, not fazed by her worrying spree. "I got them, Leigh,"

"Good because we can't be dehydrated. Mom'll kill me if I kill you!" She joked, chuckling,


"Can I ask you a question, J?" I asked, walking into the den Jesy was sitting in.


"Okay, I was wondering if i can bring a friend to the road trip!" I said excitedly, hence the exclamation point.

"Um, who?"


"Sure, she's a lovely girl." Jesy said, smiling.


"Y/N, I need you to shut up." Jade said, trying to get her point across yet still being the polite shit she was.

"I don't 'shut up' Jade, you know that."

"That may be true, but just do it." Jade said

"Alright, alright. I'll be good for once," I said, smirking.


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