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A/N holy shit, over 1,00o reads?! Weird, because my prefs suck. So, as sual, boring authors note- go check out my Ed Sheeran fanfic, um, I have a Zayn Malik fanfic scheduled to start Winter 2014- November to be exact. Um, read my 1D prefs books- which suck harder than these do btw goodbuh xx dis is in honor of 1,000 reads bichez I'm typing like dis on purpose btw I tink we all knoe I have better gmar dan dis

ur very awful author,

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"Record Store Day, here we come!" I chanted as we walked in our mall, looking for RadioShack (?)

"Y/n, we wont buy anything there, though. We can just by one from Zayn." Perrie said, dragging me by the hand to Victoria Secret


"Y/N!" I heard someone scream and I quickly took my earbud out

"Jesus! I've been screaming your name for the past half hour! Turn down your music!" Jade said, exasperated before she started to lecture me


"Y/N? What do you want for your birthday?" Jesy asked me

"Oh, um, music." I mumbled

"That's all?!" she asked, surprised

"Yeah? Why?" I asked, defending myself

"No reason," she hurried away


"Y/N? Will you pleeaassse turn down your music" Leigh asked, walking into my room

"Ourrrr, we could have a dance party, Leigh!" I said, jumping up and she joined me.

So much for turning down my music- WE TURNED IT UP, YO


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