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"You frown too much." Perrie said, frowning

"Oh the irony." I replied

"What?" Perrie asked, looking confused.

"You're frowning, silly!" I giggled and she nodded

"You look so much better smiling, Y/N."


"Y/N, stop crying. You're gorgeous. Stop listening to the hate! You're a beautiful girl. You have an amazing personality. You're smile lights up THE WORLD! You light up my life. Everyone's. Don't let haters make that gorgeous smile disappear!"


"Wow." Jesy said

"Hmm?" I replied, still smiling

"Whatcha so happy for?" She asked curiously

"Nothing!" I chirped, still smiling widely


"Why aren't you smiling, Y/N?" Leigh asked, concerned.

"He dumped me!" I sobbed, dramatically

"Don't be such a drama queen, Y/N." She said

I frowned. "Thanks." I said sarcastically

"Smile more. I meant that." She said lightly.

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