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Hey yo this was a request...
And imma get person, Kay?
Well I feel I need to branch off from my friends but idk who else. Like, they're so clingy and I'm so NOT. I love them to pieces but...Yanno...idk man.
Any advice?

I smelled tacos, and could probably smell them from a mile away, at the least. I always had a great sense of smell. My mom said it made up for my, dare I say, shitty eyesight. I was labeled legally blind at age four and have dealt with the fears and coped with the feeling of being left out ever since. My big sister, Jesy, was my only friend. Then she left for tour.
"Mom," I spoke loud. "Why are you making tacos?"
"Dinner, silly," she giggled.
"Special occasion?" I asked, as usually they were a "special occasion" food, despite their basic type.
"Jesy is coming home, darling!" She yelled.
I felt like jumping up and cheering, loudly. Jesy kinda rarely ever came home it felt. She was always banging her boyfriend or touring the other LM girls.

Perrie (hearing)-

Come here Perrie signed easily and effortlessly, from across the room.
I stood up and walked over to her, already pissed for having to stand.
What? I signed. We were at Alexa's Cafe, a hip little restaurant in England we'd loved since we were children.
The bartender is totally checking you out! Perrie giggled. Sign language was basically our secret communication always
We'd always been the children who could communicate without other teachers, adults, or kids knowing what we were saying. Maybe we were closer that way.

Jade - smell

Since day one I couldn't ever smell anything. Not my brothers old socks, my sisters perfume, or my moms cooking. I couldn't smell the grass as it was cut or the rain as it poured.
I learned to enhance my other senses from a young age. My sister, Jade, and I always played hearing and feeling games. They always said smell was what brought back memories. I don't know if that's true or not.
"How're you doing Y/N?" jade asked me as she strained the pasta noodles.
"Good. Today a girl handed me a flower asking if it smelt good. I didn't know what to do." I shrugged. She was a toddler and I didn't want to be mean.
"Just be honest." Jade smiled.
"It gets better," she said. "Trust me, little sister."

Leigh Anne (dyslexia) - (a/n I ran out of ideas don't get pissy :))

"It's simple math, darling." Leigh told me as she handed me a pencil. "Simply add the two together and divide."
"Okay, but, um...what's division?" I asked giggling. Leigh sighed.
"Seriously. Come on, please. This is serious."
"Im sorry I'm so freaking stupid!" I yelled as I slammed he book closed and stood up. "It's never good enough, is it? All I ever do is mess up equations and fail classes!" I paused, breathing. "Freaking sorry for being a disappointment, Leigh Anne!"

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