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A/N I'm not sure what to say besides people are really rude. And that I really don't like Blood On the Dance Floor. And please read my Ed Sheeran fic titled Golden!!

Y'all are really rude like jaysus....

Is this long enough for you?!

Prob not.

I am a really bad author I'll admit it because let's be honest here I suck. But fr I am trying to get better plus this stuff? It's not literature! It's not a book! It's NOTHING! It's legit scenarios with some chick from a band. Sorry I'm just really


Sorry not sorry. C;


"I don't get it." You whined, angry.

"Don't get what, Y/N?"

"People are saying I'm not your sister, Pez. They say because I look different that I'm not blood related."


"hey, Y/N," Leigh came up to you, faking happiness.

"What's wrong?" You asked

"We'll, no matter what I love you. People are saying mean things about our sisterhood but yes. You're my real sister."

"Wow, they have too much time on their hands!" You laughed, laughing off the issue.


"The difference is 22," Jesy explained the math problem to you again.

"I still don't get it, Jes," you whined, giving up.

"Okay. I'll explain the differences again."


"So, what's the difference between these two dresses?" You asked

"Barely anything besides the ruffles." Jade explained.

"Hmmm....okay. I didnt see the difference."

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