She Doesn't Like Your BFF

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A/N since I didn't do Jesy (or was it Jade...?) last time I'll make sure to do them today!

without further ado, she doesn't like your friend (the celebrity playing them will be off to da side- as usual)

so enjoy :)


"Jade?" You asked your sister, ever since your parents died you lived with her.

"Yes?" she asked, looking up from her song writing

"Can I have Annalise over?" You ask

"Annalise who?" she asked, curious since you'd never mentioned an Annalise before

"Annalise Middle." You replied, nervous.

"No," she said, flatly

"WHY???" you whined loudly, sitting on her bed.

"Because, I know the Middle's and their bad people." Jade replied.

"Fine." you said, storming off


"Jesy, Beatrice is coming over!" You hollered

"Why didn't you ask me?" she asked

"Because, you always say I never have to ask you." you said, half laughing

"Yeah, well I don't like Beatrice." she replied, sitting on the couch

"Why?" you asked, sitting next to her.

"I saw her looking through your stuff..." Jesy replied, nervous.

"I doubt it!" you laughed

"Trust me, Y/N!" she begged

"Fine. I'll tell her we had sudden plans." you said, angrily texting the girl.


"Leigh?" you asked sweetly

"What?" she said, giving you a "what are you up to?" look

"May I pretty please have a friend over?" you ask

"Who?" Leigh-Anne asked, curious.


You didn't think she'd ask who

"Um, Graciee Miller." you replied

"No!" Leigh-Anne replied


"Because, the Miller's are druggies. so No." She replied as you angrily ran to your room and slammed the door.


"Pez, my friends here!" you said happily running towards the door

"I can't wait to meet her!" Perrie replied giddily, she loved meeting your friends.

"Okay! Hi, Tara, this is my sister Perrie!" You replied, letting her inside

"Hi, Perrie- I'm a huge fan!" Tara said happily

"Thanks, hon!" Perrie replied, shaking Tara's hand

"Oops! I have a call, can I take this in private?" Tara asked

"Sure, dear, follow me." Perrie rplied, leading her into a hallway

Perriw was gone for a moment before she came back looking worried

"Y/N I don't want you hanging out with her.." Perrie said

"WHY?" you asked

"She's using you for getting to me." she said solemly

and sure enough, Tara was.

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