You Become The Fifth Member

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I got this super cool request from @xMyPityPartyx I hope you all enjoy this! It's a full one not a preference:) leave me a comment with a request or feedback! Thanks so much I love  and appreciate you all!!

Tumblr- fantastvic 


"Okay, Y/N, we've all been discussing something very important." Perrie began to talk to me, not only as her little sister, but as a business partner.

"Very important." The rest of the girls said in sync after her speech.

"Stop being creepy," I giggled and threw a pillow.

"But seriously, it's major." Jade said still giggling.

"Okay shoot. Don't make me wait all day girlies." I chuckled and leaned back. The girls all were dressed in casual clothes and I lay in a dress awkwardly. Usually it was the other way around.

"We are asking you to be apart of us." Leigh Anne said.

"What? Be apart of you? What do you mean?" It sounded gross. I wasn't sure I wanted to "be a part" of them- whatever that was.

"Come join Little Mix." Jesy looked me in the eyes. "You have such an amazing voice. You're talented, beautiful, and funny. You're made for it!" She jumped up and the rest of the girls joined her.

"You're such a perfect match for this!" Perrie shouted. "Please!" 

I sighed and thought it through. I had sung back up vocals only once and because Perrie was sick that day and it needed to be recorded. I ran my hang through my hair. It was boy cut. I was generally a "punk", which wasn't Littlw Mix at all.

"Fine." I breathed

The girls began shrieking and I held my finger up. "But, if you keep addin members it'll stop being a Little Mix and start being a Large Mix."

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