You Swear

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"Holy mother fu*king life of Troyler and Jeasus Christ b*tch??" you scream random profanities as you'd stubbed your toes on Perrie's sculpture of her and Zayn (idk if they have a sculpture of them- just go with it)

"Y/N? is that you?!' perrie asked

"Yes, why?" you asked, checking out your toe

"Please don't swear Y/N!"" Perrie said, laughing

"Can't promise you anything!!!!" you giggled


"That son of a bitch!!!" you screamed at the TV as Jacob and Bella got in an arguemtn

"Y/N?" A small voice said

oops, Jesy was awake

"Hun, you woke me up! All for freaking, swearing! Which is bad!" Jesy scolds, after her rant

"Sorry, Jes, it's too good!" you giggle, resuming watching the movie


"tHAT LAME ASS LOSER! tHE MOTHERFUCKING CUNT!" you screech after seeing that your boyfriend had cheated on you

"Niall's rubbed off on you" Leigh-Anne said

"Yeah." you replied, not paying attention

"Don't turn into him, please stop swearing," she begged

you dismissed her with the wave of a hand


"Shit" you mumbled, after you'd spilled jelly all over your shirt

"Y/N!! Don't swear! go get cleaned up!!!" Jade said, rushing towards you

you nodded while she mumbled about your nasty language

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