She Wants You On Tour

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A/N I am so sorry I haven't uploaded in three or four days I've been super duper busy and I write on my free time and I'm sorry but hopefully this'll make up for it!!!! XO REQUEST MY LOVES



"Y/N?" Perrie asks, walking into my bedroom and sitting down on the rainbow comforter I had.

"Yes, Pez?" I asked, not looking up from my homework on algebraic equations

"I want you to come on tour with me!" Perrie says, sounding nervous. Heck, I was too, I hadn't been away from my own house for more than a day.

"OMGYGOSH! I would love to Pez! thank you so, so much!" I said hugging her gladly, "Thanks pez, I love you." I added quiet;y


"Want to go on tour with me?" Jade blurted over a dinner at her house without my parents one day

"What would mom and dad say?" I asked, nervous.

"Who cares?! You're my sister, we need some bonding time." Jade said and I complied

"Alright! I'm calling mom!" I said, skipping away happily


"Y/N, mom and dad said it'd be best if you went on tour with me" Jesy said, sitting down next to me.

"Do you want me on tour?" I asked, nervous they were forcing her

"It was my idea," she said "why?" she asked, curious

"You sounded sad." I said.

"Oh, no, I love my baby sister!" she giggled hugging me tightly, while I laughed, making us topple over



"Yes, Y/N?" she asked me,

"Can I come on tour?" I asked, nervous

"God, I thought you'd never ask!!" Leigh-Anne said, hugging me tightly

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