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Hey guys long time no see? Not really hasn't been that long. Anyway I started my sophomore year a few days ago and everything seems cool. So please vote comment and ENJOY this chapter. Also please leave suggestions (nice ones) and requests in the comments!


    Her gown was a stunning silver with shimmery beading and gorgeous slick pearls. Her eyes were lined thickly and framed her gorgeous face.

"Hell he will pass out when he sees you. What a lucky man." Grandma spoke gently towards Jesy. "We love you so much Jess. I hope this man does you well."


"Oh ma lord it's Perrie's wedding day!" Jade squealed. By far Jade and Perrie were closest in the band. Jade was basically jumping for joy as she fixed her eyeliner and tousled her hair.

"She's gonna look so beautiful, Y/N. I just can't wait!!


   Perrie, my sister, and I stood by the pews waiting for Jade to make her princess-like appearance.

"I can't wait to see my best friend. Her wedding will totally be goals. Insta selfies galore!" Perrie giggled. Suddenly voices were hushed and bridal piano began playing.

"Oh my god! It's time!" Perrie whispered before tears began rolling down her face at the sight of her best friend.

Leigh Anne-

"I'm so scared, Leigh." I was shaking.

"It'll be fine, y/n," she soothed me. The girls were talking on the phone to my fiancées friends.

"I have horrible news. I'm so so sorry Y/N," Jesy was basically tearing up. 

"He won't be attending the wedding." Perrie said quietly

"What? Are you kidding me?!?"

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