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"Y/N Edwards!!!!!!!! Where is the ch9ocolate for Caitlin's cake?!" Perrie screamed. We were making a cake for our sister Caitlin's birthday and I kind of...ate the chocolate

"I don't know where it is, Pez." I said innocently

"Go to your room, Y/N, we'll talk about this later- after I go to the store." she said and I groaned. Great.


"Jade-y can I have some chocolate?" I asked

"No, Y/N." she said, putting rice in the buggy

"Pleeaassse?" I whined


"Ugh.! I hate you, Jade!"


"Y/N? Where are you?" Jesy asked, searching for me

"Y/N! This isn't funny!" She said and opened the closet door in which I was hiding

"O my god, Y/N what have you done?!" She shrieked looking at my chocolate covered body


"It was unusual for Leigh to get drunk, but she was. I was kind of concerned, but being the mischievous child I was I decided to take advantage of this.


"What?" she asked drunkenly

"Can I, pretty please, have some chocolate?"

"Whatever, Y/N, let me sleep."

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