Your Smile...

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"Is so f*cking gorgeous!!"


"Can be so cheesy but is adorbs"


"AWWW! Your smile is perf,"


"Is just like mom's!!"

A/N my BFF is moving and I'm crying because il her so so much but if it makes her happy ill do anything for her because she doesn't like it here.

That us love people I would do anything for that girl and if it makes me happy then go for it

So thankies for everything y'all have done for me :* ilysm if you're nice n stuff.

C; (< that's one of my fave emoticon faces besides this one : ^.^)



Bored and idk what to do so lonnggggg authors note.

Vote/comment and tell your friends!!! Xx

(Sorry I didn't update last week and the week before I was camping #nowifi)

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