She Finds Out You Did Drugs During Truth Or Dare

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A/N she finds out you did drugs, you admit it during a game of truth or dare PS sorry I didn't do Jesy I ran out of ideas :) luv! BTW I feel this is one of my bests so if you agree tell me, Kay? Thank you!


It was Friday night, you were a little tipsy and you were enjoying your time with Leigh, Little Mix and One Direction. Turth or dare was in full swing.

"Y/N" Harry said, pointing one of his long fingers at you.

"Truth or dare." he said, after taking a drink from his wine.

"Truth!" you said confidently

Harry smirked

"Okay," he said and everyone leaned in

"Have you ever done drugs, Y/N?" he asked, slurring a bit.

"Yes." you replied and everyone gasped

"What?!" Leigh-Anne shrieked, instantly sober.

"You were on tour, mom and dad caught me. They were just pills to stay awake. I was working on assingments." you rolled your eyes and everyone looked at eachother

"Wow." Zayn Malik said breathily looking at Perrie with wide eyes

"No biggie," you smiled "Okay! Leigh, it's your turn!"


You were drunk. Like hard on drunk. No surgar coating it.

Perrie had her arm around you, protecting you from the slug of idiots and druggies.

"Hey, Victor!" you said, waving at your supplier

he smiled and nodded

"Next Monday, kay?" you asked and he nodded and winked

you laughed and Perrie looked at you strangely

"Hey guys, let's play truth or dare!" Jade said after you got home, sitting on the carpeting in Perrie and Zayn's living room.

"i'm game." you said

"Okay, Y/N first!" Perrie said

"Truth or dare!" Perrie said

"Truth." you said

Perrie, knowing drunk people were honest, asked about your encounter earlier

"Who was Victor," she asked

you instantly sobered up, realising what you'd done. Your eyes widened and everyone looked at eachother.

"Who. Is. He." Perrie asked sternly

you gulped

"Friends with benefits?" Harry suggested

"NO!" you yelled

Perrie looked at you angrily

"He's my dealor." you mumbled. Everyone was shocked. Goodgirl Y/N doing drugs?

"A DEALOR?!" she asked

"Hand them over!" Perrie said sternly

"No! Please Pez-" she cut you off

"We'll talk about this in the morning. Goodnight, Y/N." she said.

you nodded solemly and walked to your bedroom.


"Y/N? Up for some truth or dare?" Niall asked you

you nodded and walked into the living room and sat next to Perrie.

"Pez, ever done drugs?" Liam asked after Perrie had said truth

"Nope!" she said, proudly

"Y/N?" Louis asked

"Truth!" You smiled

"Ever done drugs?" he asked and you visibly paled.

everyone noticed this.

"I didnt think you'd actually done them, I'm so-" He started

"No. Thank you, Louis. Come on, Y/N!" Jade grabbed your arm

"It was ONE time, Jade! I did it for a few months!" you whined, but she didn't listen.

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