Chapter 22

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//Prims pov//
A nurse comes in from behind and recognizes who I am and doesn't bother for me to leave.
I order for her to give Katniss pain killers as soon as possible. I stand up in front of Katniss and I tell her to push. The nurse has injected several cups of medicine into Katniss's blood stream, which makes her relax a little bit more. "Put one in her back"! I tell the nurse remembering that's what my mother would always do if she had a pregnant patient.
"Peeta hold her hand" I yell, Peeta runs over to Katniss letting her nearly break his fingers.
"Come on almost there"! I say to Katniss who is as red as a tomato.
As the head of the baby peers out of Katniss, and then the shoulders, and chest, then belly, then a little baby boy lays in front of me.
I pick him up with tears streaming down my face, along with Katniss's too. I hand him to her and Katniss and Peeta's faces glow as they see there baby for the first time.
I take off the gloves and mask and toss them in the trash, while Katniss and Peeta let the nurse rinse the baby in hot water.
"I can't believe you did that" Gale says smiling at me.
"Same here" I sigh, and smile over at Peeta holding the baby in a light fuzzy towel.
Gale embraces me then kisses my head, " we should let them have some space" I say.
He agrees and I kiss the baby and Katniss on the cheek, and hug Peeta.
"We will see you soon, meet back at the house"? I say as they stare at the baby, delighted by the sight of him.
"Yeah" Katniss answers and caresses the baby.
I take Gales hand as he leads me out of the hospital, "that will be us one day" I tell him as the fall breeze chills my sweater.
"Yeah except, twice the amount of pain, and crying and that's just for me" Gale laughs.
I elbow him, as we walk through the newly built market.
We buy many things for the baby, mostly things sunset orange and dark green. Gale holds a bag filled with green knitted baby items, and I hold a bag filled with everything Gale picked out but orange.
We head back to the house and are greeted by Haymitch, Effie, Katniss, Peeta, and the baby. Gale and I take off our shoes and rush over to join the crowd leaving the bags on the table.
"What did you name him"? I ask seeing his big blue eyes for the first time.
"Rye. After my brother" Peeta says tickling Rye's stomach.
"Aww" I say sitting behind Effie, and Gale joins. As Effie shrieks on about the baby, I don't know how we can tell her I am pregnant with twins, she didn't even want to have any part about the conversation about me being engaged. But she was heavily pregnant and having contractions.
"Prim do you want to hold him" Effie asks turning around to me, with Rye in her arms.
"Yeah" I smile as she sets him in my hold.
"Aren't you a cutie" I say and rub his cheek. He grabs the side of my finger and sucks on it as if it was a Popsicle.
Katniss looks over at me and smiles then mouths a "thank you" over to me.
I grin and return my expression back to the baby who has made my finger a prune.
"Here why don't you hold him" I say to Gale.
"Okay" He smiles, and looks down at the baby who holds my finger in his mouth. I place the baby in Gales hands and remove my finger from Rye's mouth. He starts crying, and Katniss sits up eager to see what's wrong. Gale rocks him back and forth which calms him down, softly making shushing noises. Katniss sits down, and Rye stops crying as Gale continues swaying him genteelly. I smile and notice Gale is the right person to have a family with, not just because he knows how to parent. But because he knows how to love too.

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