Chapter 12

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//Gales pov//

I lay my body up against the door wishing I didn't leave her.

//Prims pov//

I get up and walk over to the door and place my hand up against the door.

"Youre still there arent you"? I ask.

"Yeah" He says through the door. I open the door and he falls straight on his butt.

"GALE"! I laugh and help him up. He comes up closer to me than I expected. Just inches apart.

"I'm sorry" i say in a whispered tone .

"Me too" He says lifting up my chin ever so softly. I cup my bandages hands around his face and roughly kiss him. He pulls me close wrapping his arms around my lower back. I slowly pull away from him.

"Why don't we continue this in my room" I say biting my lip. He swoops me up and carries to my room bridal style. He carefully drops me down, I push him against the door and lock my lips with his. I unzip his shirt and throw it on the ground, and he does the same with mine.

(I think you know what happens next)

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