Chapter 19

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//Gales pov//
"I don't know I would have to bring you with me" I smile.
"Well where would it be"?
"District 4"
"Well why not"
"What about your job"?
"I could find a new one"
"You sure"?
"Yeah let's do it"!
"Okay" I smile and hug her again.
"I'm gonna pick this up then go over and pack, and call Jackson I'll be at you're place soon" I say.
"Alright" she smiles then kisses my cheek.
She walks out staring at her ring, smiling and the janitor walks in.
"Can you take care of this"? I ask him.
"Yeah no problem" he answers and I give him a 10.
I grab my things and head into the hall and dial Jackson, "I'll take the job, but there is one condition" I say.
"Okay what is that"
"My fiancé gets to come with me"
"Who's that"?
"Oh you two" she laughs.
"Is that a problem"?
"No no no. But I'll talk to the mayor of two and tell him your all set"
"Ok thanks"
-hangs up-
I head over to my house and pack a bag worth 4 days of clothes. Then my necessities. I roll my suit case over to Prims and walk into her room to find her naked back to me with only a pair of underwear on.
"Sorry I should of knocked" I laugh.
"It's alright" Prim says slipping on her bra and clipping it on her back.
"Are you excited"? I ask as she slips on one of my big tee shirts.
"Yeah but I'm nervous"
"Me too, Katniss will probably hate me"
"Same here"
"She loves you Prim you will be fine"
"No I'm not worried for me I'm worried for you"
I sigh, "well we can only hope for the best"
(Next Morning)
The alarms beeps waking us both up, and we remain still not feeling any motivation to move. Prim inches her way closer to me, which is pretty much impossible considering she is laying in my arm.
We both fall asleep for a little bit longer, missing out breakfast time.
"You awake"? I ask her.
"No" she growls with her eyes closed.
I sit up and tickle her stomach, she kicks and screams then finally gets up.
"I'm up! I'm up" She insists.
We both change into jeans and sweat shirts and rush to the hover craft, with our bags attached to us.
"Now flying to district 12" A friendly voice says obviously automated.
We fly over many miles of woods to reach district 12. And it does not look the same as the last. 

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