Chapter 13

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//Prims pov//

I roll over in the sweaty silk sheets trying to catch my breath. I smile over at Gale who is doing the same.

"You took my virginity and my innocence may I have it back"? I joke.

"I don't think you want it back" He teases.

"I'm gonna shower" I say taking one of Gale's shirts and throwing it on.

"And you aren't going to invite me"? Gale asks.

"I don't know it's your choice" I smirk and walk into the bathroom.

//Gales pov//

I wait about 10 minutes knowing she is almost done. I sneak in behind her making her jump.

"I scared you" I laugh putting my hands on her bare hips.

"Yeah you did"! She says turning around with a big smile on her face.

I pull her close for a slow passionate kiss, our bodies slowly touch then drift apart as there is a knock at the door. "I'll get it" I tell her getting out and wrapping a towel around my waist.

"Gale what if its Jackson"! she says.

"Then she will be in for a surprise" I laugh.

I open the door to no one.

"Just a prank" I yell to Prim.

I throw on a grey v neck half sleeved shirt and jeans, and wait for Prim to come out of the shower.

"You take so long"! I say as she walks out with a towel wrapped around her.

"I had to wash my hair"! She sasses then grabs a outfit from her bag and heads back to the bathroom.

She comes out again about 15 minutes later with her hair in a bun, and her face slightly touched with makeup.

"FINALLY" I moan "Lets go I am starving"

"Me too" She answers and we walk out the door.

//Prims pov//

As we walk down the hall, guilt fills system. Should I tell him?

"So how about last night" Gale says nudging me .

I look over at him and role my eyes.

"Whats wrong" He asks while smacking my butt.

"Don't touch my butt" I snap.
He laughs and leads me to the dinning room which is filled with all kinds of breakfast foods. I bite in to what looks like a huge blueberry muffin but I am soon greeted by a pocket of cream cheese.
Jackson approaches us and hands us two coffees.
"May I ask why you two weren't with the squad yesterday"? She asks.
"Prim was sick I had to take her to the nurse" gale says.
"Then why weren't you with the squad soldier"? Jackson asks Gale.
"I got sick too" He answers.
"Is anything going on here" she asks sipping her coffee.
"No" Gale tells her.
She nods "the hovercraft leaves in 30 minutes".
Gale and I finish our breakfast in actward silence.
"Aren't you going to say anything"? I joke.
"I love you" he says and holds my hand under the table cloth.
"I love you too" I say and rub his hand.
"Let's get our bags" He says standing up, I follow him and throw away my trash. We both go to our separate apartments and grab our things, then meet in the hall.
"Do you want me to carry anything"? He asks.
"No thanks" I say and give him a soft kiss not letting anyone see.
We walk down the long wooden hallway one last time and take a route to the hovercraft that doesn't interfere with the dinning room.
As Gale and I help load the hover craft my back starts to ache a bit, and my head too.
We both board the craft, and Gale sits next to me while I stare out the window trying to ignore the signs of me wanting to throw up.
//gales pov//
I can tell Prim isn't okay, her skin pale, a frown instead of a smile.
"Are you okay"? I ask her.
She nods her head up and down her eyes not changing expression.
As we fly from the crystal Capitol streets to the under ground prim doesn't look any better.
//Prims pov//
As the hovercraft door opens I walk out with my hand on my mouth. My walk turns to a run as I approach the bathroom. I run into the first stall and throw up all of my breakfast. I flush the toilet and  walk to the sink, and wash out my mouth an hands. Then Gale comes in.
//gales pov//
"What's going on are you alright"? I ask.
She turns around and begin to cry as she embraces me.

"I'm pregnant"

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