Chapter 14

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//Gales pov//

A smile crawls onto my face and I squeeze her tightly.

"When did you find out"? I ask letting go of her nearly crying myself. 

"This morning" She smiles.

"We should go to the hospital"

"No its okay i'm fine"

"Well then lets go get you some rest"

"Okay" she says and wraps her arms around my stomach.
"Do you want me to carry you"? I smile.
"No I'm good" she laughs, then let's go and wipes away her tears and soon mine.
She leads us to her apartment and we cuddle up together on her bed and turn through the channels.
//Prims pov//
I curl my body up against Gale as my eyes get heavy and pain goes away. I slowly drift off to sleep but I'm awaited by a nightmare. I find myself in a sewer holding my stomach. A mutt crawls from the brown water and shreds my stomach apart, leaving the pipe echoing with blood curdling screams.
//gales pov//
Prim starts to frantically move in her sleep then scream fairly loudly.
"Prim it's okay"! I say shaking her and her eyes flip open.
"It- it was the baby" she says crying.
"The baby is alright" I say reassuring her.
"I want to go to the hospital and check" she says still in shock from her sleep.
"Yeah yeah.. Let's go" i agree getting up and helping her.
We rush down the hall and into the hospital, Prim wraps around me as I search for a nurse. As one approaches us she lets go and turns her attention to  the woman.
"Prim! It's so nice to see you! What do you need"? She asks.
"A ultra sound"
"For what"? She asks confusedly.
"I'm pregnant"
"Prim you are far to -" the women quickly cuts herself off and turns her head to me.
"And who are you"? She asks.
" The babies father"
"Well you can wait out here" she says.
"Why? I'm just as much of a parent of the baby as prim is" I snap.
"Fine. Right this way" she begins leading us to a room.
"It will be okay" Prim says smiling up at me and grabbing my hand.
The nurse leads us to a dark room with a bed, computer screen, cabinet, and sink. Prim lays on the bed lifting her shirt to have blue goo rubbed all over her, giggling slightly. I sit in a chair right next to the bed as the nurse takes a remote looking device and glides it across Prims stomach. I smile at Prim as her face lights up seeing the screen go back and forth. I run my fingers through her hair then stop as Prim questionably looks at the screen. I focus up on the very clear black and white moving picture.
"Are we still having a baby"? Prim asks.
"How many days pregnant are you"? She asks us.
"A day"
"Only a day"!
"You're developing fast"
"Is that bad"? I ask.
"No but there are-are" the nurse stutters.
"There are what"? I snap accidentally squeezing Prims hand a bit to tight.
The nurse turns to us anxiety filling her face.
"There are two"

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