Chapter 7

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//Prims pov//

"Alright soldiers, we are coming in for a landing" Mitchell begins.

Gale studies his view on Mitchell, and so do I.

"The capitol has told us there are game lovers in the sewers" Mitchell continues.

Johanna raises her hand, Mitchell nods for her to answer and she starts.

"what do you mean game lovers"?  Johanna asks.

"They are all for the hunger games, in fact they want to start it again. Our job is to find them and kill them if needed, you will all need one of these." Mitchell answers and hands out guns.

Gales eyes grow big as he see's Commander Mitchell hands me a gun.

"I-is that really necessary" Gale asks.

"Excuse me solider"? She asks in a unpleasant tone.

"Nevermind" he says and turns away, embarrassed a bit.

"Okay soldiers follow me out"  Mitchell commands.

All of us do as Mitchell says, we take a small pathway covered in shiny gravel to the sewers.

"This is tunnel 1, there are 3 tunnels, today we are just going through this one. Got that"?  Mitchell asks, "Yes mam" we all respond.

We trudge our way through the sewers and Gale is ordered in front, Mitchell quickly orders me soon after to walk behind him. I immediately  feel safer next to Gale. My heart beats like a drum as our hands almost touch. He unexpectedly turns around, his warm fingers brush up against mine. I can not start loving him again. He wont let me do my job. And he doesn't love me.   

"Is everyone alright" Gale asks, his side touching mine, a cute gesture only him and I would notice as romantic. 

"Yeah move up" Mitchell answers looking over the crew, then walks back to her spot at the end of the line. 

Gale nods at Mitchell and begins to whisper in my ear, "Don't use the gun".

The first words to me all day and its a order.

"But Gale" I say walking behind him.

"Its a order" He says still not facing me.

"That I don't have to follow"

"Are you sure about that"

"Yes i'm sure about that, why don't you check with my sister, see what she has to say"

//Gales pov//

I turn around and face her.

"Primrose please just do it, for me"

She stares up at me, with a angry expression on her face.

"I-I" She starts but is interrupted by her eyes bulging and something being placed to my temple.

The crew stands still and a voice from behind me starts to speak,

//Prims pov//

"Give me him and no one gets hurt" The shabby man behind Gale says.

"No" I speak up, locking my eyes with his. He stares at me for a second with a death grip on his vision.

He cocks his gun and I follow and raise it in front of his head.

"5" He begins, "4"

"321" I say and send a bullet through the mans scull. 

Gale stares out into the open for a second then to me.

//gales pov//

I stare at her not knowing what to say. She saved my life, but took another. Little Prim. My Prim. Katniss'  Prim. 

I hug her, everything fades away, the squad,  the man, everything except prim and I, she lets go of me before anyone can sense something.

"Thank you" I say letting go of her and her warm embrace.

She nods and waits for me to start walking.

 I turn around and follow the light at the end of the tunnel. As I begin to head out I hear a scream, "CRESSIDA" Prim yells and charges after Cressida who is getting dragged under the water. 

"Go! Go!" I scream pushing everyone out of the sewer. I run after Prim who is pulling  Cressida out of the water, but something drags her back under, then a gun fire goes off.

"NOOO" Prim screams then searches  the water for her, but finds nothing.

i pick her up as she kicks and screams, her medic backpack crushes between my chest and her back.

"No!NO!" She screams as we reach the outside of the pipe. 

"Prim! What were you thinking"?! I yell, to harshly than I planned.

"I-I was just trying to help" She cries.

"I know I know, I'm sorry" I say pulling her to my chest, I hold her tight letting her tears run down her cheeks.

"Its okay Its okay" 

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