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//Prims pov//
Tears starts streaming down my face as he opens the box that holds a diamond studded ring.
"Yes"! I exclaim. He sides the ring on my finger and stands up and I embrace him.
"It's beautiful"! I say looking at the ring, "how could you afford this"?! I ask.
"It doesn't matter, all that matters is we are engaged now" he says.
I grab his face and kissed him like I did this morning. We both pull away smiling, he wipes the tears from my cheeks, and his handheld beeps.
"Take it" I say pulling away from him still smiling.
//gales pov//
I give her a grin then walk away from her a little bit and answer my hand held.
"That's me" I snap to Jackson.
"We're you in the middle of something"?
"Yes but go ahead"
"There is a job opening in four, and they want you there, they reserved a house for you on the water"
"When do they want me"
"By Monday"
"I'll think about it"
-hangs up-
I walk back over to Prim debating weather to take the offer.
"Who was it"? She asks holding my had.
"Jackson, she offered me a new job"

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