Chapter 21

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//Katniss's pov//
"What- why would you go with him"? I ask confusedly.
"Because" Prim begins and caresses Gale's hand.
"Because we are engaged"Gale finishes for her. Prim lays out her hand that wears the ring for us to view.
"Congrats"Peeta says, to the both of them and takes Prims hand looking at the ring.
Prim pulls me aside. "Katniss I thought you would be a little bit more.. Umm happy" She says a little bit upset. Prims my sister I need to be happy for her, but for some reason I'm not.
"I am- Prim" I tell her still trying to rap my mind around her and Gale.
"Then what's up with you" She says obviously bothered.
"I can't do this right now Prim"!!! I yell and slam the door in her face. I run off into the woods, the only place for me to hide.
//Prims pov//
I stand at the door, filled with, shock, anger, fury, and disappointment.
"Hey is everything okay"? Peeta asks coming over next to me, he notices Katniss isn't here and my expression. His usual smile, turns into a depressing frown.
"Where is she"? He asks.
"She ran off" I say.
"What did she say Prim?" Gale asks me from behind Peeta.
"She looked like she wasn't alright and I pulled her aside and she told me she couldn't do this right now, then ran off" I say puzzled.
"I'll go look for her you two stay here in case she comes back" Peeta says then slips in jacket and shoes on.
As Peeta goes to look for Katniss I can only think about how this is my fault, we never should have came.
I sit at the kitchen table and put my hands in my face.
"You okay" Gale asks me while hugging me from behind.
"Yeah, but I don't think we should have came" I blurt out taking my head out of my hands.
"Why"? He asks removing his embrace and sitting next to me.
"Because Katniss doesn't want us here. And nor does she want us in a relationship"
"It's just the pregnancy hormones, you'll get them too"
"No it's not that. This is exactly what I didn't want to happen"
"Listen Prim" He begins and takes both of my hands and holds them.
"Katniss will love you no matter what, and she will always be your sister, she just has a lot to deal with right now" He finishes.
Just then Peeta opens the door out of breath.
"Hurry she is in labor" He says and grabs a bag that waits by the door.
Gale and I both rush to follow Peeta nearly knocking over tables and chairs.
The three of us run to the hospital where Katniss waits in a bed having very bad contractions.
"Where is the doctor"?! I ask.
"District 12 doesn't have one" Peeta tells me.
I throw off my sweater and hand it to Gale, I put on a mask and gloves and sit by Katniss.
"Hey hey hey remember the breathing exercises okay" I tell her, as she begins to sweat.
"Prim what are you doing"? Gale asks me.
"I'm going to deliver her baby"

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