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Everthorne  by THGfandom4ever
Everthorne by THGfandom4ever
What if peeta is killed in the first games and Katniss comes home to Gale? Will things be the same between them? Will they finally get together? I DONT OWN ANY OF THESE...
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The Volunteers by sundayswithgale
The Volunteersby sundayswithgale
Katniss volunteers for Prim. Gale volunteers for Peeta.
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Until We Meet Again by WRITE_ALL_THE_FANFIC
Until We Meet Againby WRITE_ALL_THE_FANFIC
It has been almost thirteen years since Katniss and Gale have seen each other. Now, when the Panem is about to go into another war, Gales comes back to District 12 to wa...
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Escape {Gale and Katniss fanfiction} by katerina__xx
Escape {Gale and Katniss fanfictio...by kat
Two years have past since the war and Katniss' life is still in ruins. With the realisation of having fake feelings towards Peeta she's missed Gale more than ever. After...
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The Elemental Goddess by hpfangirl736
The Elemental Goddessby *.•*.•.*hi*.•.*•.*
Everthorne McLain was a very dull girl, or so she thought. From day one, all she thought was, 'No, they'll never like me, I'm too much of a freak.' Well, she was wrong...
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I'm Glad You're With me {Everthorne} by living_in_a_pack
I'm Glad You're With me {Everthorn...by Lexi
Are you a Everthorne shipper. Were you pissed af with the end. Well why not read about Gale and Katniss' games. What would have happened if Gale volunteered? Copy Right...
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The Hunger Games: Everthorne by books_are_life_123
The Hunger Games: Everthorneby books_are_life_123
What if Gale goes to the Games with Katniss? Will they relationship change? Who will win? Who will die? All the characters belong to the amazing Suzanne Collins!
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Everthorne -Run by makayla13jennifer
Everthorne -Runby M
What if Katniss and Gale really ran away? What would happen. Would they keep themselves and their families alive in the woods? Is everthorne ment to be?
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Not real. by KylieGrace17
Not real.by KylieGrace17
What if Peeta and Katniss's "love" wasn't real at all? In this everthorne fan fic, Katniss realizes that what she has been telling Peeta for years, really, is...
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Unthinkable by mgw1412
Unthinkableby Madison Grace
What if Katniss chose Gale instead of Peeta? How will Panem react to this? What will Peeta say? Does she still have some feelings for Peeta? Katniss finds that loving Ga...
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An Unknown Act by sundayswithgale
An Unknown Actby sundayswithgale
There's definitely something between them. More than just friendship. Who will be the one finding themselves falling for the other? And will it be to late to admit their...
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Everthorne - scared by makayla13jennifer
Everthorne - scaredby M
Katniss and Gale enjoy a normal day in the woods. But on their way back they encounter a series of force fields with images from the hunger games in which Katniss became...
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WHAT IF ( EVERTHORNE) by beagles123
WHAT IF ( EVERTHORNE)by ...Anonymous...
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(🏹) Sunshine- ONE SHOTS! by sauceysink
(🏹) Sunshine- ONE SHOTS!by r + e
"Please don't take my sunshine away!" In which Amanda writes one shots of It (2017), Stranger Things, and The Hunger Games for you when she's too lazy to work...
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Everthorne : sick by makayla13jennifer
Everthorne : sickby M
When Gale unexpectedly gets sick, he stays with the Everdeen's to be close to Katniss's mother, who is healing him. Katniss helps her mother tend to Gale, but what happe...
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Hawthorne Boys by GaleHawthorne10
Hawthorne Boysby Tin
Katniss Everdeen was ensnared helplessly by Gale Hawthorne years before her sister's first Reaping. Primrose Everdeen was trapped hopelessly by Rory Hawthorne months be...
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Everthorne One Shots by xXx-nasa-USMC-xXx
Everthorne One Shotsby Bella
These are One Shots on Everthorne Anyway hope you enjoy my One Shots.❤ "The stories we love best, live with in us forever."- J.K Rowling
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I Am The Mockingjay. by KylieGrace17
I Am The Mockingjay.by KylieGrace17
When his brother is reaped and Gale takes his place in the 74th Hunger Games, he is suddenly faced with problems that no eighteen year old should ever have to endure. Hi...
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Into the Woods by carolyncrantz
Into the Woodsby carolyncrantz
"We could do it, you know." "What?" "Leave the district. Run off. Live in the woods. You and I, we could make it." After Katniss retur...
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Mockingjay: What If...... by hp_fangirl19
Mockingjay: What If......by Katrina
What if the Hunger Games switched between Gale, Katniss, and Peeta's points of view? What if Gale found out about Coin's plan to kill Prim? What if Katniss realized sh...
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