Chapter 20

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//Gales pov//
Everything had been replanted and replaced with a glossy finish to it that we never had. All the new buildings in the same place the old ones were and a few new ones too. The only thing that stood in 12 today that wasn't brand new was the woods and the Victors Village. It's weird to see you're home all did up pretty, when you know that it's district 12 the trash  of the districts, but now it looks like the others. New and rebirthed.
My heart beats faster at the sight of it remembering all the people I could have brought into the woods. Madge. Peeta's family. Babies, children.
"Are you coming" A voice says from behind me.
Prim waists by the Hovercraft door with her bag in hand.
"Yeah" I say getting up and walking over to her.
"The victors village awaits" She says and walks off the plane.
//Katniss's pov//
"When do you think they will be here"? I ask Peeta staring out the kitchen window.
"Soon" He laughs from behind me.
I turn around and face him, flour all over his shirt. I pat it off of him, he kisses my head in thanks.
"So Prim said she was with Gale"? I ask him.
"According to the letter"
I sigh and rest my hands in Peeta's.
"I don't think they should be together, after all he is 2 years older than her" I say looking up at him.
"Love is love Katniss, that is all that matters" He says placing our hands on the sides of my stomach, which is the size of a watermelon.
"Yeah you are right" I smile.

"We are here"! A high pitched voice says opening the door. I run over to find Prim standing at the wooden entry way, with her long blonde curls tracing around her chest, she has grown quite a bit from the last time I saw her.
"Prim"! I say and hug her she lets go of me and places her hands on my stomach.
"Oh my gosh Katniss" She says tracing her hands around my stomach.
"I missed you so much" I say nearly tearing up.
"I missed you too"! She smiles.
"Peeta"! She says and hugs him. Thank god I wiped the flour off his shirt or other wise it would be all over Prim's black knitted sweater.
"Hey katnip" Gales voice greets, I turn my head and find him standing in front of me with two bags in his hands, he drops them and greets me with a warm hug.
"I haven't see you in forever" I say.
"Yeah" He says and let's go, he shakes Peeta's hand and I notice a glowing ring on Prim's finger. I gulp and ignore it, maybe it was just a gift.
Peeta takes their bags up stairs and we all sit at the kitchen table.
"Do you want anything" I ask them.
"No thank you" Prim says answering for Gale.
"Gale"? I ask.
"No I'm fine" He says finding a seat next to Prim.
"So how is it in 13"? I ask as Peeta comes down and sits next to me.
"It's great." Prim answers being the obvious talker.
"How is you're job" Peeta asks Gale. 
Gale turns to Prim, and she smiles.
"Actually I got offered a spot in 4, but currently I work in 13 for Jackson" He sighs.
Something scratches at my leg purring slightly. I lift buttercup up off the ground and place him on my lap, petting him slightly.
"No cats on the table Katniss" Peeta barks, pushing the cat off my leg a bit.
"Was that pun supposed to be intended" I laugh placing the cat on the ground.
Peeta gives me a look while smirking as I sit back up. Prim smiles down at Buttercup as he curls up on her feet.
"Are you going to take it" I ask looking at Prim's happy expression.
"Only if Prim wants me to" He says putting his hand on Prim's.
"And do you Prim"? I ask
"Yeah of course I do" She says. I flood with relief, they aren't engaged.
"That's why I'm going with him"

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