Chapter 9

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//Prims pov//

"We should go" I smile up at him, focusing on his lips. "We  don't want to be late".

He smiles and kisses my head, leading us out of my room and downstairs to a huge dinning room.

Everything covered in diamonds or something else shiny. The room filled with the theme of red,black,and white. President Paylor welcomes us in and seats us next to each other at the long mahogany table covered by glass. 

Plates of lobster,shrimp,hog,chicken,beans,corn,melon, and fancy cheeses and crackers. We both fill our plates and are served sparkling water, which I have never had before.

"Thank you soldiers for your service" Paylor says sitting at the end of the table far away from us. We all nod and smile at her, not feeling important enough to talk to the present.

"So Primrose" President Paylor begins, my heart begins to thump but I am calmed down by Gale who has intertwined his fingers into mine. I relax and enjoy his warm hand in mine.

"Yes Miss. President"? I ask looking down the table to her, with a tiny smile on my face.

"How is your sister, and Mr. Mellark"? She asks.

"They are great, they are planning on starting a family of their own soon"

She nods smiling down at me and finishes her food. 

She starts small talk with Jackson and some of the soldiers from the revolution, and then Gale.

"Hawthorne how are you doing"? She asks.

""I'm good, I couldn't be better" Gale smiles.

"Well thats good to hear, you mean a lot to all of us in capitol after all you did for the country"

"It was my pleasure mam" 

She gives him a polite smile, then fishes her serving.

"Soldiers you may go back to your rooms, I need to talk to your commander" PAylor orders.

We thank her, and bring our plates to a table by the dinning place. I walk back to my dinning room and I'm followed by Gale. 

"Hey" I greet opening my door and looking back at him.  

"Do you want to go for a walk"? Gale asks while putting his hand on my side. 

"The president said to go back to our rooms" I say. 

"So" Gale smiles, while pulling me close to him. 

"Ugh fine" I say closing the door, then staringg up at Gale. "Where are we going"? I ask 

"You'll see" 

He pulls me down the halls and out the front door, awaits us is a orange and pink sunset, everything outside the capitol black in a silhouetted form. 

"this is beautiful" I speak up.

"Not a beautiful as you" Gale says hugging me from behind. His arms wrapped around my upper half, I move my hands up to his and hold them fearing he could be gone in a second. 

I turn my head and kiss his cheek, then turn back to the sunset.  

We stand there together till the sky turns into a black abyss. I turn around are bury my face in his chest wrapping my arms around him this time.  He puts one arm around the top of my back then the other caressing my head.  I move from his chest and wrap my arms around his neck.  He runs his fingers across my back then settles by holding me in his warm arms. The warmth of our bodies connect, I can't see him, but I can feel him, and I know he is there.

"Prim do you want to go back"  Gale asks still holding me with his embrace.

"No but we probably should" I answer lifting my head from his shoulder.

"Yeah" He says and connects his mouth with mine, lovingly pressing himself against me. I pull away from him smiling, I grab his hand and we walk back to the capitol.Once we get inside I let go of his hand,  the place only lit by romantically scented candles. 

"Its okay" He assures me, and intertwines our fingers. 

We walk down the hall holding hands, no one see's us no one hears us. 

"Goodnight Prim" Gale says as I begin to open my door. 

"Goodnight" I smile pecking his lips. 

I pull away from him and I slip away from his hand. 

I smirk as I shut the door. Then I take off uniform and leave my underwear and bra on, and slide into my bed.  I fall asleep with a smile on my face but wake up in the  middle of the night  from a nightmare about Cressida. I get out of my bed and sneak into Gales room to find the room lit by the moonlight. The light creeps across his face and bare chest, I snuggle into the bed next to him. His  eyes flutter open feeling my body against his. 

"Hey little duck" He smiles, as I get comfortable next to him.

"Hey" I say kissing his cheek. 

"Couldn't sleep"? He asks holding me with one arm. 

"Yeah I had a nightmare"  I say placing my hand on his chest. 

"Im sorry" He says and puts his free hand on mine. 

I smile as he wont recall this event in the morning, he will only remember that i'm here. That I'm here to stay.

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