Chapter 6

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//gales pov//
I get up and throw on my uniform and quickly brush through my hair. I grab my bag and look at the clock.
6:30 is reads.
I walk down the hall with plenty of time to spare, Commander Mitchell greets me.
"Good morning Hawthorne."
"Good morning commander" I answer.
I sit in the hovercraft waiting for the others,Johanna sits in the corner with her axe, every so often she spits on it and wipes it with her sleeve.
//Prims pov//
My alarm goes off for about the 5th time, I roll over and smack it then open my eyes.
I jump out of bed and put my uniform on. I brush my hair and put in up in a high pony tail. I grab my bag and rush out the door with just enough time to spare.
"Everdeen, good you're here" Mitchell says.
I nod and sit next to Cressida.
//gales pov//
As Prim enters the cover craft my eyes grow big.
What is she doing here?!
The hover craft takes off and I turn away from Prim.
I have to do whatever it takes to take her home.
//Prims pov//
The plane ride is very quite considering Gale is completely ignoring me, and the soliders are day dreaming.
Maybe I shouldn't of come, Gale doesn't seem to like me. I turn away from him, just like he is doing to me and stare out the window that over looks the districts.
And right then I decide, I can not love Gale Hawthorne, but I can protect him from what lies in this mission

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