Chapter 5

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//Prims pov//
The next  dayconsisted of gales visits and me feeling a lot better. I can go back to work now.
"Prim" Gale calls from our my door.
"Just a second" I answer putting a robe on over my lacy undergarments.
"Hey" I greet.
"We need to talk" his eyes bulge as he sees that I am not dressed. He blushes and little and I do to.
"What is it"?
"I'm going on a trip to the Capitol"
"For how long"?
"I'm not sure, they said there are some hunger games lovers in the sewers who want to start it again"
I have to go. I will go.
"I have to go to work thanks for telling me"
"You're going to work like that"? He asks looking up and down my body with a smirk.
"Yeah totally"
"Well goodbye. Don't work to hard"
"You too"
I close him in for a hug, and his warmth embrace fills me.
"I leave tomorrow"
I pull away from him.
"Okay" I answer.
He opens the door and leaves with a sad look on his face and I begin to get ready.
//gales pov//

She doesn't love me.
She doesn't even care that I'm leaving.
I shouldn't of touched her.
I shouldn't of kissed her.
"Hawthorne I want you to lead our mission to the Capitol" Mitchell commands. "Thank you mam, I would be honored" I say.
She nods and gives orders on today's practice.
Shooting targets. Great. The easiest thing a solider could ask for.
I load my gun as we arrive outside of 13. In the woods. In the place where I let prim get hurt.
"Alright soldiers pick the tree that's in front of you and back up about 100 feet. Then shoot" Mitchell commands again. I follow her orders and begin.
//Prims pov//

"So I heard that some of the soliders are going to the Capitol on a mission" I say to my boss.
"Yes they are Miss Everdeen" Dr. Artz says.
"They need a medic"
"They have the Capitol"
"The Capitol won't come with them in the sewers"
He rubs his face.
"I'll make a deal with you Everdeen. You can go, but only if you move to district 2 after"
"Deal" I say without thinking about the trade.
"Okay make sure you are ready, and take you're usual treatment bag. You leave at 7 tomorrow morning. I'll tell Mitchell"
"Thank you" I nod and leave to go check on my patient.
//gales pov//

I shoot at the tree pretending I could feel every bullet. I shouldn't of let prim get hurt. I shouldn't have gotten so attached. She doesn't feel the same way, no one does.
"Okay Hawthorne you need a better target" Mitchell yells over the gunfire. I turn and see her point at a tree stand.
"Shoot from that to you're tree" she orders.
I walk over and climb up the tree stand.
I cock my gun and shoot at the tree. I hit the same spot as I always do. The middle. The bulls eye. The heart.
//Prims pov//

Gale will be safe, as long as we are there together. I will try my best to tag along, and if I have to sneak along that's what I'll do.
"Hun what's on you're mind" Miss Weatherbee my favorite patient asks as I pump medicine into her Iv.
"Nothing" I lie, finishing pushing the rest of the medicine into her tube.
"Come on" she says looking up at me with a pearly smile.
I smile back at her. "Well a boy. A man"
to be continued...

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