Chapter 15

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//prims pov//
"Two"?! I ask.
"Yes. Twins" The nurse speaks.
I look over act Gale who is purely terrified. I bite my lip an laugh a bit at his expression as the nurse rubs the goo off my stomach and leaves the room.
"2 babies" he says staring at the wall.
"It will be fun Gale" I laugh sitting on his lap and wrapping my arms around his neck . 

"You ready"? I ask kissing his head. 

"Yeah" He says hugging me, then stands up which brings me off the ground a bit. 

He hugs me tight leaning down to my height. 

"I love you so much" He whispers in my ear.

I smile. " I love you more" 

"I don't think thats possible" He laughs. 

"you never know" I say letting go, then taking his hand and leading him to the desk where our nurse waits. 

"Prim you are set for tomorrow at noon, will that work"? The nurse asks. 

"Yeah" I say looking up at gale, he returns a smile and moves his hand to opposite hip. 

"okay your all set" She smiles. We thank her, and Gale pulls me into a hallway all shakily. 

"Prim" He says in a nervous voice. 

"Gale" I say confusedly. 

I he shakes his head and moves back, "Never mind lets go get you something to eat"  He says reaching for my hand. 

Without hesitation I take his hand and walk to the cafeteria with him.

"Grab something to eat i'll meet you back at your place in about a half an hour" Gale says as we enter the almost empty cafeteria. 

"Where are you going"? I ask

"Ill be back soon Prim. Love you"! He says rushing out of the room, and down the hall. 

"Love you too" I mumble. 

//Gales pov// 

I feel bad but I have to find a proposal ring for Prim. I walk into the jewelry store and head right over to the rings, afraid to waist time. A bunch of rings are shown to me but only one for Prim catches my eye. 

"This one please" I say handing it back to the jeweler. 

"Nice choice, let me wrap it up." He says and places it into a silver box, then hands it to me. I hand him my credit card, and he slashes it through a computer machine then hands it back. 

"Thank you" I say. 

"Have a nice day" 

I walk out of the store and take it out of the box and twirl it between my fingers. I hope she likes it. 

(Prims engagement ring)

I Put it genteelly back into its box, then put it on my bedside table and head to Prims

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I Put it genteelly back into its box, then put it on my bedside table and head to Prims. 

//Prims pov// 

I burp before I open the door to Gale. I shouldn't of eaten 3 pieces of pizza. 

"Hey" I greet and reach up and kiss him . 

"Hi" He answers, and pulls me closer kissing me roughly. I place my hand on his chest and one on the side of his face. I pull away from him. 

"Thats how you are gonna pay me back for not having dinner with me"? I laugh. 

"Yeah why not" He smiles kissing me again. 

  "Im already pregnant"  I laugh kissing him again.

''So" He laughs, shutting the door while still kissing me. 

"Lets just watch a movie" I say pulling away from him. 

"Ugh fine" He wines and lifts me up and throws me on the bed, and crawls onto my bed, laying in between my legs , resting his head on my upper chest. I run my fingers through his soft dark brown locks. His ear over my heart, his arms on both sides of me. 

//Gales pov// 

I look up at Prim who is fast asleep, I genteelly get up and cover her with a blanket then shut her tv off. I slip into bed next to her, making sure nothing happens as long as I am here. 

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