Chapter 3

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//Gales pov//
I sit by her side viewing her bruised head. It's all my fault. I shouldn't of brought her outside. She wouldn't of had a concussion. She wouldn't be passed out right on this table in front of me.
"Prim I'm so sorry. I just hope you are okay. I didn't mean for you to get hurt" I say as her eyes stay shut.
I've been staring at Prims closed eyes for a day now, not knowing what to do, or say.
"Prim please wake up" I beg to her asleep face.
I put my hand on her face and caress her soft cheek. As my eyes start to get cloudy. I was finally sure I could move on from Katniss and love someone, then I let that someone down, I let her get hurt. Prim's big eyes flutter open.
"Prim" I say with a big smile on my face, still with my hand of her cheek.
"Gale" she says with a little smile on her beautiful face.
"That's me" I say with a little laugh, wiping my eyes with the hand on Prim's face then leaning it on the table.

//Prims pov//

I look at my body to find nothing wrong, then I touch my head and immediately pain shoots all through my body. I moan at the pain and remove my hand from my head.
"What happened" I ask Gale.
He looks down at his hands and begins to speak. "I took you outside. You looked so happy, I felt bad taking you away from it". I look up recalling the moment of me taking in the wilderness for the first time in forever. "Then I was taking you inside and a tree limb fell on you're head, If I let you stay out there like you wanted, even for  2 seconds longer you would be perfectly fine. But no I didn't." He says still looking at his hands.
"Thank you." I say to him.
"For saving me. I know you must have brought me back in, and got someone to check on me. And thank you for taking me out there, it was the happiest I've been in a long time" I say putting my hand on his. He looks up at me.
"No. It's true, you didn't- wouldn't leave me there, and you kept it a secret so I could keep my job, and risking so much you pulled off getting me a doctor. No one has put that much time into me in a very long time. Thank you"
"I'm glad you are alright"
I give him a little smile.

//gales pov//
"I have to tell you something" I say to prim looking at her big brown eyes.
"Go ahead"
"I have to go to the Capitol, for a mission and I don't know when I'll be back"
She stares at me emotionless for a few seconds then begins.
"When are you leaving"?
"2 days"
"Well.........I hope you come back soon" she says with a kind but sad smile on her face, while she rubs my hand with hers. I give her the same smile.
She try's to get up but he face fills with pain and so does her voice.
"Hey hey hey lay down you need rest" I say to her.
"No buts"
She begins to giggle like a 12 year old and I smile then role my eyes.
"Can we go some where"? She asks
"You need rest"
"I'm fine"
She looks up at me with her big brown eyes and I can't resist.
"Okay okay. Yes we will go somewhere"
She smiles then surprisingly, sits up and hugs me, I hug her back and place my face in her hair, "I'm so glad you are okay"
To be continued......

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