Chapter 11

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//Gales pov//

Prim lays in a hospital bed silently still asleep from the accident. Her hands stitched and  bandaged, her head with a hot pack placed on it. Her beautiful face and body, bruised, scared, and cut up. I could've done more, I could've took her hand and led her behind me so she wouldn't have gotten  attacked. I could've done so much more, but I let her down. 

Tears start slowly fall down my face, what if she is gone forever? 

//Prims pov//

I keep my eyes closed knowing I should sleep, at least that's what Gale would have wanted me to do if he were here. 

His choked voice begins to sound from somewhere near. His heart at a death sentence, crying for help for his lover to return. Like the man in the hanging tree. 

"I'm so sorry Primrose, I let you down " He says as his throat clenches from his emotions. 

My eyes flutter open, putting what he said in the back of my head. 

//Gales pov// 

Prims eyes flutter open, as i wish mine were shut. 

"Prim!!!" I exclaim. I Lean over closer to her, viewing her eyes more deeply. "Are you okay?" I ask.

She nods and smiles, "Thank you." 

"Prim I have to tell you something."

"Yeah you go ahead." 

"You're not aloud to work in military anymore."


"I suggested it,"

"Gale you can't do that." rage fills her tone.

"Well I did and it's for your own good." I say

She sits up and winces. "No it's not!"

"Give me one reason why," I say

"I'll be with you," she says quietly.

"That doesn't matter." I say coldly.

"Oh you didn't just go there." tears start to form in her hazel eyes.

"Im Sorry Prim but I did."

"Your not sorry cause you still love Katniss!" She is sitting up on her bed, wincing every so often, staring at me in fury. I return the look getting up and going towards the tin door. 

"Where are you going?" she asks 

"Somewhere away from for you." I say, slaming the door shut.

What have I done?....   

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